How to Store Halloween Decorations

Krista Diamond | Nov 01, 2018 @ 08:00 AM

The Halloween season may be all about haunted houses, horror movies and ghost stories, but to us, there’s nothing scarier than clutter. That’s why we’re showing you how to store your Halloween decorations. Unlike Christmas decorations, Halloween decorations are only up for a few weeks. Once November 1st rolls around, it’s time to take them down and get into the holiday season.

This year, don’t toss out your Halloween decorations. Store them in a storage unit that way you don’t have to buy new ones next fall.

Here are a few tips on storing your Halloween decorations:

Repurpose First

For some reason, when it comes to decorating, people have a tendency to skip right from Halloween to Christmas, totally bypassing Thanksgiving. That’s a decorating mistake. Before you store your Halloween decorations, take a look and see if any of them can be repurposed for the month of Thanksgiving.

Anything that is autumn themed (i.e. pumpkins, foliage, acorns and items with a red, orange and gold color scheme) can likely stay as is or be repurposed for November. This might mean removing a ghost from a fall-colored wreath or turning that pumpkin around so that the spooky side faces the wall. Get creative and save yourself a trip to the store for new decorations!

Cleanup is Key

You know what really gives us the chills after Halloween? Dirty decorations going into storage. Take the time to wipe down lawn decorations and launder costumes. Dirt, debris and food items—like that piece of candy you didn’t realize was in the pocket of a costume—can attract pests in self-storage. Dirt and stains can also cause further damage to items, especially anything that’s delicate, such as items made of lace.


Separate decorations into categories before storing them. Depending on how crazy you go for Halloween, this might mean separating by room, or this could simply mean having one box for indoor decorations and one box for outdoor decorations. Label boxes accordingly.

Consider Climate Control

Whenever you’re storing seasonal items, it’s smart to consider climate control. What exactly is climate control? We’re glad you asked. A climate controlled storage unit is a space where the temperature and humidity are kept at a safe level, therefore keeping your stuff at a safe level. This is recommended for a number of items, but it’s also recommended for any type of long term storage. Unless you’re some sort of Halloween fanatic who celebrates the holiday multiple times a year, you probably won’t be taking your decorations out of storage until next October. Climate control can keep them in tip top shape until then.