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    • 5' x 5' Unit Standard

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      60 70.00
      closet size., Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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      88 98.00
      Big Closet!, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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      2 - 3 Bedroom., Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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      3 - 4 Bedroom or Car/Truck., Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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      199 209.00
      4- 5 Bedroom., Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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      49 59.00
      Outside Car/Truck/Boat parking, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
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Adobe Self Storage

5122 Adobe Rd., Twentynine Palms, CA, 92277

Office Hours Now Closed
  • MON - SAT8am - 5:30pm
  • SUN8am - 4pm
Gate Hours Now Closed
  • MON - SAT8am - 5:30pm
  • SUN8am - 4pm

Storage Customer Reviews

Pam La Fosse

7 months ago
This is the best storage facility I've ever used, and I've used quite a few over the years. I appreciate the high level of security, and the professionalism and courtesy of Ken and his staff. They put a lot of effort into maintaining the entire property, and it shows. They also provide those helpful little things that you may not always think about, like a convenient area containing brooms, dustpans and trash containers for use by anyone who needs them. That's something I've rarely seen at the other storage facilities I've used. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a clean, secure and hassle-free storage experience. I've had a storage unit there for about 6 years, and couldn't be happier. I'give them 6 stars if I could!!!

Erik Halvorson

4 years ago
I've never had a better experience with a storage facility! I had no idea what to expect from 29 Palms when I drove into town. I arrived shortly after lunch during the middle of summer. Adobe Self Storage was the first facility I saw and decided to check it out. It was clean, the manager (Ken) was very courteous and helpful, and the prices were reasonable. Although Ken didn't have a rental unit small enough for my needs, I decided to rent from him anyway due to the curb appeal, great customer service, and convenience. After I found a permanent place to live, I grabbed my belongings and thanked Ken, not thinking I would ever need another storage unit while stationed here. Well, about two years later, I did need another storage unit, and Adobe Self Storage was the only option, in my mind. During those two years I checked out other facilities, but none were as convenient or well designed as Ken's. His business is located along a very wide side road, and the facility is designed with good drainage, so there is little chance of water getting into the units during heavy rains or flash floods. Ken is a great owner. He remembered me when I returned for a second time and I was offered a great discount for 9 months. He explained the contract and answered any questions. He knows my name and unit number, and we usually chitchat for 5-10 minutes when I show up every month. I don't know if there is a better price in town, but I wouldn't go anywhere else. Ken's attention to detail and customer service are first rate.

Misty Henry

7 years ago
Ken at Adobe Self Storage is the greatest. He will do everything he can to assist you in your storage needs. I would recommend this storage facility to everyone!


3 months ago
Neat and clean with an awesome staff!

Pocahontas Chavez

1 week ago
They are great and very understanding I always have long conversations with both father and son. Good customer service also always willing to go the extra mile

Steven Mariscal

6 months ago
This place is not the greatest due to... 1. No credit cards! 2. No website to set up auto payments with them. 3. No after hours gate hours they only allow you in when the office is open. 4. You do not get gate codes you have to get out of your car and sign in. 5. They do not open all that early and they close early. And due to this you can not get to your stuff as much as you should be able to. However despite all of this i actually pick here to store some of my things. Because there prices was more or less as the same as others but they offer a nice 50% off the first 6 months making it the best deal. So if you can handle all the bad above you can save some money storing here. Update: Do to all the above problems I forgot about my payment. This happened because most my bills and previous storage places I have had always have auto pay billing. So it is not usually on my mind to pay Storage bills and I completely forgot! I am a person who has excellent credit and so forth so I was really upset with myself that I forgot this. I realize this about 10 days after my payment was due and thank goodness I realized this on accident looking at an old check stub that I wrote them before realizing that I have not wrote them a check since I first opened my storage! Unfortunately it was too late for me to head straight over to the place due to the closing so early. But I went over the very next day I saw the owner there and he was very nice to me and he was very understanding on how things can be difficult due to the old fashion way is that the place is ran. I still I think they should modernize the business some to make means more easier for the customers. Nonetheless the owner was very nice he did not charge me a late fee! I was very surprised and very happy about this. So I believe they deserve an extra star yes all of the above that I told you is still true but it is a great value and the owner is a very very very nice guy :-)

Carmine Scelza

7 months ago
I have been a patron at Adobe Self Storage, off and on for more than 20 years. We are now "full time RVers". Adobe Self Storage has and still does provide a safe AND CLAN place to store our "things" that we value. Thank you to Ken, the owner, and his pleasant and efficient staff for providing a clean, safe and secure place to store our treasures.

Ray Madrid

1 year ago
Clean safe looking and friendly

Carrie Sanchez

6 months ago
Well maintained and secure storage space.

Soleil Rousseau

3 months ago
Very affordable storage place with a dirt lot to store cars as well. They offer regular specials as well as military discounts. They do not have a way to pay online/by credit card. This would make it more convenient for people who are deployed or traveling. Currently you must mail a check or go in and pay cash/check. Friendly staff and easy to navigate your way around once you're in the compound.

Christopher Pollard

1 month ago
Cover your stuff unless you love dust.. Very secure and convient that it so local but you pay for it.

Eddie Tapia

2 months ago
There is alot of blow sand all over my furniture t.vs and everything
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Nick F.

4 years ago
Why on earth would I write a review about a self storage place? I'm asking that to myself, but I hate coming on Yelp (I just wanted the phone number - a...
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Storage Facility Amenities4 Amenities

  • Drive-up Access
  • Online Bill Pay
  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • RV, Car, Boat