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Let the Events Begin

Storage facilities in Tampa are busy year round because of multiple reasons. ?They are busy in the spring because of multiple events in the area, in the summer because of the thousands of students that store their stuff when they go home for the break, and in the winter because of boat

Let the Events Begin

Storage facilities in Tampa are busy year round because of multiple reasons. ?They are busy in the spring because of multiple events in the area, in the summer because of the thousands of students that store their stuff when they go home for the break, and in the winter because of boat and RV storage. ?The latter two seasons make sense, but why are storage facilities busy when there are local events? ?Let’s explain.

The year starts off with a bang with the Gasparilla Distance Classic taking place on a weekend at the end of February. ?This event is a marathon with 5k and 15k races that take place throughout the area. ?It’s very common for there to be multiple road closures a few days leading up to this weekend, and of course, on the weekend itself. ?Be mindful of this event, because if you need to get to your storage unit to get your fishing gear, you’re going to have to plan around this event and the road closures and traffic caused by it.

After this event begins the month of March, which is an extremely busy time of the year. ?There are three major festivals that take place in the first two weeks of March, and all of them entail hosts that need to put their preparation materials in storage in the weeks leading up to the events.

Beer, Beer, and More Beer

For starters, let’s talk about Tampa Bay Beer Week. ?This event takes place in the first week of March and is sponsored by local brewers and vendors. ?It is essentially a week-long celebration of local and imported beers. ?This week is full of festivals, beer dinners and brunches, tastings, food trucks, and special bottle releases, to name a few. ?There are hundreds of events that take place during this week on both sides of the bay, meaning that it is spread out over the city. ?All of these vendors need to store their things, especially their beer, in storage facilities in the area in preparation for the event. ?Be aware that a lot of climate controlled units will be taken up during the beginning of the year to accommodate for this beer fest, so if you’re looking for one for your antiques, try to find one by the time February starts so you’re not out of luck.

You should also be wary of traffic being backed up on Interstate 4 during the days of the festival, and temporary street closures. ?If you need to get to your storage unit during these days, plan ahead and try to beat traffic so a short trip to your unit doesn’t turn into a day’s ordeal.

Exquisite Art

Hosts of the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts are also prepping for their two day event that takes place at the beginning of March while Tampa Bay Beer Week is going on. ?This event also takes place in downtown and is a showcase of artists that live in and around Tampa. ?During these two days, they also have live entertainment, food, drinks, art, and children’s events. ?If you haven’t already guessed, you should know that you’ll be missing out on more opportunities to store in a climate controlled unit. ?Art and drinks need to be stored at low temperatures, even if it is for a day, so that Tampa’s heat and humidity don’t destroy them. ?The people setting up live entertainment and children’s events will also need some storage space to store their speaker systems and crayons, so facilities will be filling up pretty quickly.

Delectable Strawberries

Last but not least is the Florida Strawberry Festival, which is an 11 day event at (yes, you got it right) the beginning of March. ?This annual festival is filled with delicious strawberries and shortcake, concerts, rides, stage shows, food, exhibits, contests and competitions. ?There are also parades with floats and marching bands. ?We bet the 112 storage facilities that Tampa has to offer are not seeming to be enough now, are they? ?All of these vendors and entertainers need storage space near the festival grounds to keep their belongings so that they can set up for this event, which means less storage space available to the public.

Given the plethora of events that take place in the beginning of the year in Tampa, particularly at the beginning of March, we recommend that if you need storage space in the beginning of the year, get it quickly. ?Also, if you know that you will be visiting your unit frequently, try to avoid storing in a facility that’s in or around downtown so the traffic caused by these events doesn’t hinder access to your unit.

Weather and Storage

Tampa has a humid subtropical climate, which means warm and humid summers, frequent thunderstorms, and dry winters with freezing temperatures. ?Summer in Tampa usually lasts from mid May to mid October. ?During these months, it’s super hot, humid, and it’s rainy season. ?Two-thirds of annual rainfall happens during this time, so there’s almost a daily chance of afternoon thundershowers, which entail heavy rain and lightning. ?It can be hard to plan a trip to your storage unit in which you can remain dry when it’s likely to be raining every day. ?To simplify things, we recommend that you opt for a storage facility that has covered loading and unloading zones so that you can access your unit without being drenched.

You should also store your things in climate controlled units so that your belongings are protected from damage from the high heat and humidity in the region. And lastly, try to store things more inland because the proximity of Tampa to the ocean makes your items more susceptible to damage by the high salt content in its air.

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Storage FAQ's

  • Should I rent a drive-up or interior storage unit?

    Drive-up storage units are typically more expensive and not as clean as interior units. Drive-up units are more exposed to the elements (water, dust, etc.) and are therefore not as clean as interior units. Interior units, on the other hand, have a much better climate. Essentially, the desire to rent a drive-up unit comes from clients thinking that they will be visiting their unit very frequently, which is surprisingly not the case. Most people don't come to their units as often as they think they will, so given the cost and cleanliness issues, it's better to rent an interior storage unit.

  • Do you have different policies and prices for students or active military members?

    Students and active military members are clients that have unique needs because of the nature of their schedules. Most storage facilities in Tampa offer discounts to students, and discounts and different policies for active military members. Please call your local facility or see our students and active military members pages to get detailed and updated information.

  • Will I receive a monthly invoice?

    Most storage companies in Tampa only provide invoices upon request.

  • What storage space sizes are available?

    In Tampa, there are 81 storage facilities, with a total of 79 storage units. Storage unit sizes generally range from 4' X 5' to 60' X 60'. Call one of your local facilities to have a representative find what size unit is best for you.

  • How do I know what size storage I need?

    Storage managers would be happy to help you determine which size unit is best for you so that you're not paying for a 60' X 60' unit when you really need a 4' X 5' unit. Please reference our size guide for more information.

  • Do you provide your customers with movers?

    No, storage facilities do not provide movers. However, managers and team members would be happy to provide you with a list of reliable and reasonably priced movers in Tampa. See our resource guide for movers in Tampa.

  • Do you have pest control?

    Most facilities in Tampa schedule professional pest control services every month, and twice a month during summer months.

  • Do you have advice on how to pack my storage space?

    Yes, storage managers can provide you with tips and techniques on how to most efficiently utilize your storage space. Their hope is that you can have easy access to your items and that your storage space is worth every penny of your money.

  • What security measures are taken to protect the storage units?

    Security is every storage operator's priority. Speak with the storage manager of a facility of your liking in Tampa to find out what security measures they take to protect your belongings.

  • Do I need insurance for my storage unit?

    We recommend that you get insurance for your belongings because the contents of the units are not insured through storage facilities.

  • Do you accept deliveries for customers?

    Most storage facilities in Tampa accept deliveries for their customers so that they don't have to go through the process of moving every time they need something to be placed in their storage units. They will keep your items in the office and will inform you when they arrive so that you can place them in your storage unit at your convenience.

  • How long is the lease and what are its terms?

    Storage companies in Tampa offer a month-to-month lease. If for some reason you would like to cancel your lease during a particular month, please contact one of the facility managers to assist you.

  • Do you sell boxes and moving supplies?

    Yes, most storage facilities sell boxes of various sizes, tape, bubble wrap, labels, and other items for your packing and moving needs.

  • What options do I have for payments? What forms of payment do you accept?

    Most storage facilities accept cash, credit cards, or checks. Always ask about autopay, it's faster and much more convenient.

  • What if I need more or less space after I move in?

    Once you move in and feel that you need to move into a smaller or bigger space, storage facilities are happy to accommodate your move. Before renting a space, it is recommended that you speak to a storage facility representative to help you find the best sized unit for your needs. If things change through the course of your lease, they will help make the transition to your next unit as efficient and simple as possible. We also have a size guide that may answer some preliminary questions you may have.

  • What are the prices of the storage spaces? Are prices based on the square footage of the storage space?

    Generally the prices of storage units in Tampa vary based on the size of the storage unit and the location of the unit in the facility. Prices range between 14.0 and 1700.0, but representatives can better assist you once they have the details of your storage needs.

  • Is there anything unique to keep in mind when choosing a storage facility in Tampa?

    Some factors to keep in mind when choosing a storage facility in Tampa are: weather, peak rush hour times, items that you will be storing, and location within Tampa.

  • If I lose my key, can you provide another one?

    No, storage facility employees do not have copies of the keys used for the units. If you lose your key, check with the facility for lock cutting fees. They may also be able to sell another lock and key to you.

  • What access will I have to my belongings?

    You have 81 facilities to choose from in Tampa. Access hours range from 8 to 24 hours a day. Please contact your local facility for more specific information about your unit.

  • Can I rent climate-controlled spaces in Tampa?

    Yes, climate-controlled spaces are available in Tampa due to the varying weather. Temperatures range from 37.4 to 57.2, which can dramatically affect things in your storage unit. For storing items such as wine, wooden items, electronics, metals, artwork, etc. storage facilities recommend that you rent a climate-controlled unit. For questions and more details, please contact a local facility.

  • Will the company have access to my space?

    No, no one in the storage facilities has access to your space unless you specifically ask them or give them the right to do so. For example, you may want them to have access to your unit for things you may want delivered directly to your unit.

Tampa, FL RV and Boat StorageViewHide

Tampa, FL RV and Boat Storage

In Tampa, it’s common for there to be deed restrictions that prevent you from keeping RVs on your property, so you need to put them in storage if you don’t want to get fined. ??But you don’t want to get caught off guard, so it’s safer to just store your RV at a facility. ?Tampa has 112 storage facilities, so you’re bound to find one that is good enough for your precious vehicles. ?If you’re new to this and not sure what to look for in a facility, keep reading and we will help you figure out what’s best for you.

Humidity is a Big Deal

Tampa is one of the most humid regions in the U.S. ?Humidity is great for moisturizing your skin, but it’s terrible for your RV. ?Metals rust easily when they’re in a humid climate, so you want to be careful about how you store your RV. ?Tampa is a coastal city, so your RV will also be negatively impacted by the high salt content in the ocean’s air. ?To prevent avoidable damage to your RV, find a facility that has climate controlled units to store it at. ?You should also consider storing more inland so you can avoid exposing it to the ocean air when you’re not using it.

RV Parks in Tampa

Tampa has dozens of great RV parks for you to choose from. Bay Bayou RV Resort is a park that’s very close to Gulf of Mexico beaches, theme parks, sightseeing, restaurants, shopping and golf. ?There are a bunch of scheduled activities and events in the park, as well as water access for kayaks, canoes, and fishing. ?With the multiple possible activities available to you, you want to make sure you have everything you may need for each of them so you’re not limited in what you can do to enjoy yourself during your vacation. ?You should just store your golf clubs, kayaks, fishing equipment, firewood, and your boat and RV near the park so you don’t have to gather these items every time you want to plan a getaway.

If Bay Bayou RV Resort is a park that you frequently visit, consider storing your things at West Tampa Storage, which is only 0.8 miles away from the park. ?This facility allows for 24-hour access and has high definition security cameras that are monitoring the facility 24 hours a day. ?You can also store at Westchase RV & Boat Storage, which is also nearby and allows for 24-hour access, has 24-hour video surveillance, and is a gated and lighted facility. ?You really can’t go wrong with either of these places.

If you’re a big fan of fishing, you can also go to Tampa South RV Resort for your spring vacation. ?This resort sits waterfront on the Little Manatee River and has a boat area and two fishing piers. ?If this resort is more to your liking, consider storing your boat, RV, and other recreational equipment at nearby Buc-A-Day Boat and RV Storage or Champion Self Storage. ?Both of these facilities offer great amenities and are conveniently located.

Keeping Your Vehicles Safe

At times, you might think of having to store your boat and RV at a facility as a huge hassle. ?However, it actually has a lot of benefits, and with the deed restrictions, it’s not like you have much of a choice anyway. ?Tampa has an annual property crime of 9,240 crimes and is safer than 19% of the cities in the U.S. ?If you ask us, those statistics are kind of scary. ?When you invest so much into buying a boat or an RV, it only makes sense to invest a little into keeping it safe as well. ?A lot of storage facilities go to great lengths to keep their tenants’ belongings safe, especially in Tampa. ?When considering storing at a facility, look for things like 24-hour video surveillance, security guards, gated and lighted grounds, on site managers, and units with individual alarms on them. ?The more of these security measures a facility has, the more likely it is that your boat or RV will be safe.

Being Flexible is Always a Good Thing

For the most part, people don’t use their RVs and boats during the winter. ?When you’re looking to store your vehicles, you don’t want to sign a yearlong lease for a unit, especially in a sunny and warm place like Tampa. ?Chances are you will not be using it for just a few months, so you’ll want to pay for what you’re using. ?Storage facilities offer month-to-month leases precisely for this reason. ?Be sure to check the terms of your lease before signing it, and also ask for specials so you can get a discount. ?A penny saved is a penny earned!

Tampa, FL University StorageViewHide

Tampa, FL University Storage

As a student, it can be really difficult to fit everything into your living space without getting on your roommate’s nerves. ??Dorm rooms are pretty small, usually about 114 square feet, so it can be hard to live comfortably with all of your stuff, especially if your roommate isn’t a light packer either. ?In Tampa, there are 112 storage facilities in which you can store your stuff. ?Consider using self storage because you can probably get a storage unit that's significantly bigger than the closet in your room.

Don’t let Your Things get into the Wrong Hands

One of the first, and most important things you should consider when looking for a storage facility is security. ?Tampa has an annual property crime of 9,240 crimes and is safer than 19% of the cities in the U.S. ?Dorm rooms are pretty safe, but you don’t have someone looking over your stuff at all times, or even at all. ?If something is important enough for you to bring it to school, you should also make sure you’re keeping it safe. ?Most storage facilities take multiple security measures in order to keep your stuff safe. ?Here are some things to look for when finding a storage unit: ?24-hour surveillance cameras, on site managers, gated and well-lit facilities, individual units with alarm systems, and security guards. ?If the storage facility you are considering has some combination of these measures available, you’re on the right track. ?Be sure to ask the facility manager in detail about what measures he/she takes to prevent theft. ?Storing your stuff in a secure facility will definitely give you peace of mind while you’re home for the summer or studying abroad.

Flexibility Will Make Your Life Easier

Chances are that you will mainly be storing your things at a facility while you’re home for the summer. ?It really doesn’t make sense to take your things home for a few months only to bring them back for the beginning of the school year. ?The moving costs, and your exhaustion, will add up before you know it! ?Storage facilities definitely understand that as a student you need flexibility. ?Most facilities offer month-to-month leases so you don’t have to pay for your unit when you’re not even using it. ?Remember, storage facilities are your friends, not your enemies!

You should also look to store in a facility that allows you to have 24-hour access to your unit. ?When you have classes all day and are studying all evening/night, you probably won’t get a chance to get to your unit at a reasonable time. ?Storing at a facility that allows for 24-hour access will make it easier for you to get to your things without having to plan your whole day around that 30 minute trip.

Too Many Students

The only thing that can measure up to the amount of rainfall in Tampa is the amount of students in the area. ?The University of South Florida is a research institution that has multiple campuses throughout the state. ?The university is based in Tampa but has campuses in Sarasota and St. Petersburg, which are pretty much next door to Tampa. ?This university has an undergraduate enrollment of 31,067, 180 degree programs, and 400 student organizations. ?On top of that, first year students are required to live on campus, making the 1,562 acre campus feel a lot smaller than it should. ?With the large number of students on campus, and the wide variety of majors and activities they are involved in, it’s very likely that there will be a lack of space and high demand for storage units.

If you’re a student of this university, consider storing at Metro Self Storage, which is 1.5 miles away from campus. ?This facility is open every day of the year and has 24-hour surveillance cameras. ?You can also store at Compass Self Storage, which is 1.3 miles away. ?This facility has tons of things to offer, including 24-hour digital surveillance, electronic gate access, individually alarmed units, tenant insurance, and covered loading and unloading areas (which are great for moving on rainy days…meaning every day…). ?You’re sure to have a positive experience at both of these facilities!

Humidity at its Finest

Tampa is a very humid city, so chances that your belongings will be damaged by the weather are very high. ?Be sure to store your things in a climate controlled unit. ?This will help keep things like your bike, books, art collection, and everything else intact. ?Don’t let a little laziness cost you a lot!

Tampa, FL Military StorageViewHide

Tampa, FL Military Storage

Florida is home to 21 military bases, two of which are in Tampa. ?Military bases means military personnel, and military personnel means a need for storage. ?When you’re living the military life, you’re constantly on the move and always having to take a bunch of things with you every time you need to go to a different base. ?Moving is always hard, and you don’t always need everything you own when you’re going somewhere temporarily. ?Choose one of the 112 storage facilities that Tampa has to offer and store your stuff so you don’t break your back moving your couch every few months. ?If this is a new concept for you, keep reading and we will turn you into a storage pro!

Tampa Military Bases

One of the major military bases in Tampa is the Macdill Air Force Base. ?This base is situated right on the water and is home to 3,000 U.S. Airmen and 12,000 service members and staff. ?The base has two major units of the U.S. Air Force and hosts major tenant units including the U.S. Central Command, U.S. Special Operations Command, and the U.S. Marine Forces Command Central—we’re talking about the big dogs. ?All of the military personnel living on the base, and those that are visiting for extended periods of time, need a place to store their stuff. ?With so many people, there’s definitely not enough space for there to be a storage facility on the base. ?Military personnel of this base can easily store their things at Interbay Self Storage, which is only 2.7 miles away from the base and offers video surveillance, keypad access to the facility and your storage unit, an on-site manager, and access to the unit seven days a week. ?You can also store your stuff at StorQuest Self Storage, which is only 4.1 miles away and offers similar amenities.

Another major base in Tampa is Air Station Clearwater Coast Guard Base. ?This base is responsible for air space and waters around Florida, the Caribbean Basin, the Gulf of Mexico, and two air stations in the Bahamas. ?They also help combat drug and human smuggling in the U.S. and international waters. ?This base houses 600 coast guard and civilian personnel, and doesn’t have too big of a housing area. ?If you call this base home, consider storing at Florida Mini Storage, which is two miles away from the base, or U-Stor Self Storage, which is 3.1 miles away. ?Both of these facilities offer great amenities and are conveniently located, so it will be easy for you to grab your things on your morning jog.

Humidity and the Ocean

The best part about living in Tampa is having easy access to beautiful beaches. ?However, these beaches and the even more amazing weather can be deceiving. ?Tampa has a very humid climate, making it difficult to store things like guns. ?Not all storage facilities allow you to store guns, so first check to see if it’s even possible for you to do so. ?Also, be sure to store your things in a climate controlled unit so that the excessive heat and humidity don’t cause your guns to rust. ?If guns are the only things you’re looking to store, some facilities also offer lockers so you don’t have to rent a huge unit to store a few items.

You should also opt to store in a facility that is more inland. ?The ocean’s air has a high salt content so when you’re storing things made out of metal, it’s likely that your items will be damaged. ?Salt and humidity are two things that you do not want to have in the same room with your belongings.

Don’t Leave Your Things Unattended

It’s virtually impossible for you to keep an eye on your things at all times, especially with a military schedule. ?Tampa has a high annual property crime rate of 9,240 crimes, making it dangerous to leave your things lying around. ?Storage facilities offer some great security measures to ensure the safety of your belongings. ?Look for facilities that offer any combination of the following amenities: ?24-hour video surveillance, on-site managers, security guards, units with individual alarms, electronically gated facilities, and well-lit grounds. ?Given the crime rate, it’s very common for storage facilities to offer units with individual alarm systems, which is a great way to deter thieves.


When you’re being deployed overseas for a mission, you might not know how long you’ll be gone or how difficult it may be for you to keep in touch with people back home. ?Storage facilities offer a number of options that will make things easier for you when life tough. ?For starters, they offer online bill pay so you don’t have to make trips to your storage facility to pay your bill every month. ?You can easily pay your bill online from anywhere in the world. ?Also, if you’re deployed and happen to default on your payments because of your current circumstances, you don’t have to worry about the contents of your unit being auctioned off because the government prohibits it. ?Talk about perks!

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