Best Way to Store Books in Boxes

Self Storage Tips Packing Books and MediaWhen storing things such as newspapers, books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and video tapes, it is very important to take proper precautions so your materials can stay in good condition for as long as possible. No matter what you are storing, storage locations should be clean and dark, with a relatively even temperature if possible. Garages, attics, basements, and closets on exterior walls are poor choices for storage. Garage and attic temperatures can be too warm; basements can be cold and are prone to moisture, flooding, and mildew; and closets on the exterior walls do not have even temperatures.
  1. Books. The best way to store books is in boxes. Be sure to label your boxes for future reference. You can stack them if you like. Put what you think you will need most on the top of the box. When putting them in boxes, alternate which direction the spine faces (right or left). Place a piece of cardboard or wood between books to keep them from sticking to one another. Never wrap books in newspaper, as the newsprint might transfer onto the book. Read more about storing rare books.
  2. DVDs, CDs, video tapes and other media. Pack these types of media in airtight bags or containers in their original cases if possible. Airtight containers and bags prevent moisture from damaging your media.
  3. Newspapers and Magazines. Newspapers are made from a type of wood pulp that degrades very quickly, making the paper brittle and yellow. The best way to store them is in acid-free boxes, putting tissue paper between the pages. Store magazines in the same manner.
If you spend a little time properly packing them now, you will be able to enjoy your materials for many years to come. The advice on this website is provided as a courtesy for informational purposes only. "Storage Tips" are offered as-is and no warranty is expressed or implied. For more information, see StorageFront's Terms and Conditions.