Springfield, MO: Top Things to Know About Storage

Jon Fesmire | April 13, 2016 @ 12:02 PM

Storage Facts

Springfield has a population of 164,000, with 54 self-storage facilities, meaning 29,700 individual units, to serve the city. In other words, there’s 1 unit per 5.5 people. That’s a good ratio, as many cities have 1 unit per 10 people or more. Storage in general will be easy to find. You can take time to compare prices and distance from home when you decide to rent a unit.

Events and Storage

Springfield has dozens of exciting events and festivals over the course of the year. These include the Annual Rock ‘N Ribs BBQ Festival, the Artfest on Walnut Street, the Repticon Springfield Reptile & Exotic Animal Show, and the Birthplace of Route 66 Festival & Car Show. No doubt you’ll want to attend some of the events, but you should be aware of when any of these festivals take place. Big events can affect traffic, and that includes traffic between your home and your self-storage unit. You might want to go out one day to drop off or pick up some items from your unit, thinking it will be a quick trip, but get caught in festival traffic. Simply knowing what’s happening around the city can help. You can either reschedule your trip for before the festival begins or after it’s over, or you can look for an alternate route. There’s another big way that events affect storage. Many of these happen once per year for a few days, and include booths, decorations, and more. If there’s a parade, it will include floats. These items need to be kept somewhere for the rest of the year, and more often than not, that means in self-storage units. The next time you go to your storage locker, think about what interesting festival decorations might be kept in the same building.

The Weather and Climate Control

Springfield has four classic seasons, but they reach extreme levels. Winters get below freezing, and summers are hot and humid, especially toward the end of the season. Books and files, fabrics, musical instruments, and more are susceptible to damage due to changes in the weather, including mildew and cracking. For Springfield, we highly recommend getting a self-storage unit with climate control.

The Importance of Security in Springfield

Crime in Springfield is nearly four times higher than the national average. Of course, there are always things you can do to lower your risk of becoming a crime victim, from simply remembering to lock your doors and windows to getting a home alarm system installed. Naturally, you’ll want to get into a safe self-storage facility, too. All self-storage facilities should have gated access, good lighting, a monitored camera system, and an alarm system. Our article on storage security systems covers what the best self-storage security looks like. There are also measures to protect your valuables from theft in the highly unlikely event that someone does get into your storage locker. These include storing your most valuable items behind everything else, and more.

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