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Jon Fesmire | March 21, 2016 @ 2:13 PM

So, you want to attend college in Orlando? Well, who could blame you! This city is full of exciting places to visit, including the Walt Disney World Resort.

You Can Bring It With You

The largest university in Orlando is University of Central Florida with 13 colleges, 210 degree programs, and 61,000 students. If you’re in the 18% who live on campus, you’ll want a self-storage unit right away since dormitory units are notoriously small. If you live off-campus, you still may not have as much room as you did living with your parents. Fortunately, Orlando has 148 facilities and a much lower population than you might expect, around 260,000. That means there are about 81,400 self-storage units, and explains why prices are much lower than in many other cities. For instance, you  should have little trouble finding a 5’x5’ for less than $30, a 5’x10’ for around $65, or a 10’x10’ for around $100. Still, to find an ideal unit, there are several things to consider. Ideally, you’ll find one with low prices near your new home. However, if you know you won’t be going to the unit often, and you have a car, you may save $20 or more per month by renting a unit a few miles away. After you’ve enrolled in University of Central Florida or another Orlando university, make a list of all the things you plan to bring with you. Determine what you’ll keep in your new accommodations, and what you will put in storage. That will help you determine the size you will need. Most students won’t need anything bigger than a 5’x5’, but it’s important to make sure. Then, start looking for a good facility early so that when the time comes to move, you’ll be able to rent a locker immediately.

You Will Need Climate Control

Due to Orlando’s high and frequent humidity, climate control is necessary for most items. You’ll be happy to avoid the mold and mildew that humidity brings, which can affect everything from books to musical instruments.

Storage When Studying Abroad

While you’ll surely enjoy your time at university in Orlando, you may want to study abroad. For most, this means either keeping one’s belongings in one’s dorm or apartment, or putting them in self-storage. The problem with leaving your things where you live is that you never know who will be over to visit. You probably want to keep your possessions safe. For that, your best bet is self-storage. You might also want to sublet your room, if that’s acceptable where you live. That way, although you may have to pay more for storage, you won’t have to pay as much for rent. Just make sure that the person subletting will move out when you get back!

You Will Need More Space

Every quarter or semester you’re in college, you’ll acquire more possessions. This isn’t just part of attending a university, it’s part of preparing for life afterward. However, it’s unlikely your room space will grow much. Even if you don’t need a self-storage unit when you first move to Orlando, eventually, you likely will. So, keep what you’ve learned here in mind..

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