Nine Things to Do Before Moving Day

Krista Diamond | May 13, 2019 @ 7:48 AM

When moving day rolls around, don’t be the person who says, “Oh no, I forgot about that.” Instead, be the person who says, “Oh that? Yeah, I took care of it weeks ago.” Your level of smugness when delivering said sentiment is, of course, up to you, but you get the idea. Whether you’re moving across town or out of state, moving is so much easier when you plan ahead.

You already know that you need to get some boxes, pack up your stuff and drive to your new home, but there are a number of little things that you can do before moving day (nine little things, to be exact) that will make the process smooth and easy. From tiny little details that really matter to essential tasks you must complete before you load up that moving truck, here are nine things to do before moving day:

Move Over Your Bills (All of Them)

Um duh, you’re probably thinking, I know that I need to move my utilities to my new home.

But hold on a minute. Moving over bills doesn’t just apply to electricity, gas and cable. Here’s a list of bills you may need to cancel or move over, including some you might have forgotten about:

  • Electric

  • Gas

  • Water

  • Trash

  • Internet

  • Cable

  • Renters/homeowners insurance

  • Gym membership

  • Subscription boxes

  • Home security

  • Any local organization, club or service you pay to be a part of (i.e. local food co-op, professional organization with dues)

Set Up Mail Forwarding

Change your address and set up mail forwarding. It’s a huge bummer when someone sends a Christmas present to the people at your old address. And in a more practical sense, changing your address will save you when tax season rolls around and documents arrive in the mail.

Clean the New Place

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a home that’s been vacant for five years or you’re moving into a brand new apartment complex. Every new home deserves a good cleaning, and it’s easier to deep clean before you move your stuff in.


Life hack alert: shorten moving day by having less stuff to move. The secret is to purge your closets. You can rent a storage unit for seasonal items instead of moving them into your new home and you can donate your clutter to these charities.

Set Aside Important Documents

Have a folder for the important paperwork that you will need after your move. When setting up bills, enrolling children in school and moving into your new place, you will may documents that prove your identity, income, previous/new address and more. Have that stuff handy so that you don’t have to dig through boxes when you need it. This is also a great way to avoid losing important documents like birth certificates and social security cards during the moving process.

Hire Movers or Rent a Moving Truck

Decide how you’re going to move before moving day. Movers? Moving truck? Help from some very kind friends who should absolutely be rewarded with pizza and beer? It’s up to you; just decide in advance so that you can book or beg accordingly. Be sure to look at a calendar so that you’re not accidentally scheduling moving day near a holiday or planning on enlisting the help of someone on their birthday (never a cool idea).

Make Arrangements for Pets and Kids

If you’re simply moving across town, it’s easiest to find someone to watch your kids and pets or pay for babysitting and boarding. Moving is stressful for small children and extremely confusing for dogs and cats. As much as you love your human and fur babies, moving day will be much, much easier without them.

Stock Up on Moving Day Essentials

Can you guess the most important thing to have on moving day?

No, it’s not boxes, tape or labels (though those things are important). It’s toilet paper. Have a roll in your old place and your new place for the people who are helping you move. It’s one of those little things that people tend to forget. Other oft-forgotten moving day essentials include water and snacks for refueling throughout the day, a first aid kit for scrapes, bruises and headaches and sunscreen for all those trips from the car to the house. A great moving day playlist might be considered essential too—but only if you have good taste in music.

Say Goodbye

Whether you lived in your old home for a few months of a few years, it’s nice to say goodbye—especially if you’re moving far away. Take a moment to look back on the memories you created. Even if it feels silly to you, your kids will appreciate it. Say goodbye to friends, acquaintances and neighbors. It makes getting back in touch less awkward if you’re ever back in town, and it’s always nice to leave on good terms. It makes starting over in your new home even better.

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