Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Garage for Storage

Krista Diamond | January 30, 2019 @ 8:00 AM

Are you using your garage for storage? Many Americans do this; just take a look the next time you drive around your neighborhood. You’ll notice a lot of driveways packed with cars and a lot of garages filled with clutter.

The garage wasn’t conceived with the idea of storage in mind, and yet so many of us use it for that. If your garage is currently filled with boxes instead of vehicles, consider cleaning it out and renting a storage unit instead. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t use your garage for storage:

You Can’t Control the Temperature

Feel like hanging out in your garage in the winter? We didn’t think so. If your garage is ice-cold in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer, imagine the effect it has on whatever is inside of it. Items such as wine—which must be stored at about 55 degrees—and electronics can be damaged by extreme temperatures. Even bicycles, which might seem like an obvious contender for garage storage, can take damage due to the effect of summer heat on rubber tires. Self storage offers temperature-controlled units (aka climate controlled units) to eliminate this problem.

You Can’t Control the Humidity

Think the effects of extreme temperatures in your garage are deadly? The humidity can be even worse. Humidity in a closed in space like a garage can ruin photographs, artwork, documents and a host of other items. A climate controlled storage unit will keep your stuff free from mold, mildew and rust.

It Creates Clutter

A garage wasn’t designed for storage and as a result, it’s not a space that lends itself to creating an organizational system that actually makes sense. From the dim lighting to the strange layout of the space, a garage is a breeding ground for clutter. It’s where items go to be lost forever, not organized.

It’s Not as Secure

Sorry to break it to you, but a garage isn’t as safe as you think it is. It’s easy for thieves to break into a garage—some can even do it in six seconds with a coat hanger. A storage unit, on the other hand, can offer 24/7 surveillance, gated access, disc locks, individually alarmed units, on-site management, excellent lighting and high walls to keep burglars out.

It’s For Your Car

A 2015 study showed that one in four Americans can't fit their car in their garage due to clutter. A garage may not be the ideal place for your personal belongings, but it is a great place for your vehicle. Leaving a car in the driveway leaves it vulnerable to environmental damage and increases the risk of theft. Additionally, if you try to park your car in a cluttered garage, your items and your vehicle may both take some damage. Get a storage unit; your garage will be clutter free and your other items will be somewhere safe.

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