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Lisa Finholm | April 28, 2010 @ 1:10 PM

The self storage industry, breaking on the horizon back in the 60’s, has become a popular option in today’s cumbersome world. Vintage storage, shall we say, included the typical household items that just didn’t fit in the standard closet or basement anymore. “Storage units didn’t just get bigger—they got better. The industry has grown beyond household overflow into just about any specialty service you can think of,” President of StorageFront, Rich Cray, says. These days, the storage industry has everything from wine specialty storage for those wine connoisseurs out there, to boat, RV, and auto storage for the outdoor enthusiast. With StorageFront, renters have the United States in storage (40,000 listings, to be exact) at their fingertips. But not just listings - useful storage tips, help, suggestions, and mini sites to each of those 40,000 listings, with a little fun on the way. (See those sheep? They’re magical. Well, not really - just hungry all the time). Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to go, not only to find storage, but also get advice along the way? Stay tuned, that’s the purpose of this blog: to direct you to what happens after you find storage on StorageFront.

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