6 Surprising Perks of Self Storage

Jon Fesmire | January 24, 2017 @ 3:00 PM

Self storage facilities offer many useful services. While every facility has standard units, many offer climate control, vehicle storage, and even specialized units for business or wine storage. For the purpose of this article, we’ll consider those as various levels of service, rather than amenities. So, what extras might you find at your nearby storage facility? This can vary greatly depending on the business and location, but here are some of the possibilities.

1. Cheap First Month’s Rent

If you’re tight on cash as you prepare for a move, look into self storage facilities that offer a low first month’s rent as an incentive to move in. Sometimes, the first month will cost only a dollar. The only caveat here is that you’ll likely be contracted to stay for two to three months initially. However, after that period, it will go back to a convenient month-to-month lease.

2. Free Truck Use

Some self storage facilities have moving trucks that new tenants can use to move their belongings into their storage unit. If you can find a facility where this is offered, the size of the unit will help determine your eligibility. For example, the facility may have a rule that you must rent a 10x10 or larger unit. You won’t have long to use the truck, but this excellent benefit can make that initial trip to your storage unit much more productive.

3. 24-Hour Access

Most self storage facilities are open just a bit longer than business hours. For example, 7 am to 7 pm is common. Some go to 10 pm, which in itself is a perk, because it makes it much easier to drop off or pick up items at night, after work. Some facilities are even open 24/7! This may add to the overall rental price for your unit, so only get this if you need it. However, if you’re storing an RV, definitely opt for 24-hour access if possible. When you’re ready to go on vacation, you’ll be able to leave early enough to avoid most traffic, and when you come back, you won’t have to worry about getting home after the facility closes.

4. Individually Alarmed Units

Good security in a storage facility consists of gated access with individual gate codes, nighttime lighting, a monitored camera system, and an alarm system. Some facilities take things a step further and set up an alarm on each unit. That way, if someone breaks into your unit, the security staff will know immediately and be able to handle it, saving precious time.

5. Military and Other Discounts

In the self storage industry, we appreciate our armed servicemen and women. Most storage facilities offer a discount to active members of the armed forces. You will need to bring in your military ID to receive it. Some also offer a discount to seniors, and for that, you’ll need to show your ID or driver’s license. Senior discounts aren’t as common as military discounts, but they’re worth asking about. If you’re in college, be sure to look for student specials on self storage and always have your student ID on hand when asking about discounts.

6. Professional Assistance

When you realize that you’re going to need a self storage unit, you probably won’t know immediately what to rent. Don’t worry! It’s easy to figure out what unit size you’re going to need. The staff at the storage facility you choose can help you with that and everything else. You may want to know if you should get climate control or not, how much extra insurance you should purchase, and so on. The self storage industry can help, and that includes The Renter’s Bent Blog. However, staff at any facility can also help answer any questions you have while picking out a unit. What if a facility doesn’t have the amenities you’re looking for? You can always compare it with others, and you can ask what it does offer. For instance, some have free, fresh cookies or free coffee every day. Go in to pay your bill, and get a chocolate chip cookie. What could be better?

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