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5 Ways in Which Self Storage Units Enable Small Businesses to Save Money

storelocal | February 29, 2016 @ 1:21 PM

More and more business owners who count on limited resources to grow their companies consider exploring out-of-the-box solutions designed to reduce cost and maximize productivity. Self-storage is one of the most popular alternatives that match this description, given that a great unit could help any type of business improve its daily operations and even boost its profit margins. Here are five basic ways in which the extra space provided by the best local self storage facility could support the growth of any type of enterprise. 1. By Freeing Up Office Space. If your current location were to reach its full capacity, what would you do? Would you rent a bigger and more expensive office space, or would you choose to stay in the same environment, and invest a small amount of money in self storage, to deposit the supplies and equipment that you don’t really need at work on a daily basis? The latter option works best for most businesses that need extra space and can’t afford to spend a small fortune on a new location. 2. By Ensuring a Convenient Method to Store Inventory. Whether you’re looking for a clean, safe and secure environment that is fully compatible with your seasonal storage needs, or wish to find the extra space that could best respond to your regular storage demands, remember that self storage is the best candidate for this job. The best-sized unit can accommodate all your inventory and protect it from common threats that you may be overlooking at this point, including extreme temperatures, excessive humidity, or prolonged light or heat exposure. 3. By Allowing Owners to Save Big while Buying in Bulk. Moreover, by renting self storage, business owners find it easier to buy office supplies in bulk. They use only the items that they need inside their offices, and send the rest to a local self storage facility. By buying larger quantities on a regular basis, they become eligible for significant discounts. 4. By Facilitating Upgrades and Reducing Costs Associated with New Improvements. At some point, in order to preserve their competitive edge, many businesses feel compelled to invest in new technology and innovative products designed to simplify their daily operations or improve their connection with their segment of prospects and buyers. Some may feel the need to invest in new computers, while others may require smarter, more modern production equipment and supplies. Either way, when it comes to spending money on upgrades, note that you could always leave old tools, equipment and inventory in storage and wait for the right buyer to show up. By selling old, no longer useful goods you could recoup a percentage of your initial investment and get a part of the money that you need to direct towards new acquisitions. 5. By Limiting Safety and Security Risks. Last but not least, keep in mind the fact that the best providers of self storage in your area have implemented a full set of security solutions, including 24/ 7 video surveillance, onsite guards and resident managers, well-lit perimeters, individual door alarms or electronic gated access, to guarantee the highest level of protection for all the goods that they store. By opting for a unit offered by these providers, you automatically manage to offset potential threats, such as theft and destruction. Rent an excellent unit, and count on the premium extra space that your small business requires to grow at a fast pace.

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