12 Ways to Give Your Dad the Gift of Organization This Father’s Day

Krista Diamond | June 13, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

Father's Day is right around the corner. Are you still scrambling for a gift? If you're the type of son or daughter who tends to wait until the last minute before the third Sunday in June, it can be tempting to grab a gift certificate or swing by the mall and purchase the first tie that you see. But therein lies the problem: gift certificates, while practical, are better suited for a coworker or acquaintance than one of your parents. And buying another tie or similarly standard gift might only add to the clutter in your dad's closet. This Father's Day, why not give him a gift he can actually use? Organization isn't just for your mom; it's something that can improve your dad's life too. Here are 12 super manly organization gifts to wow your dad with this Father's Day.

1. Key Finder

This key finder uses Bluetooth technology to ensure that your dad will never, ever lose his keys again.

2. Gentleman's Box

Give your dad Gentleman's Box, a subscription box filled with stylish ties, socks and more. And don't forget to offer to help him declutter and get rid of the outdated stuff in his closet.

3. Rolling Toolbox

For the handyman on the go, this rolling toolbox will keep your dad's tools organized while he's working on projects around the house.

4. Motorized Tie Rack

A motorized tie rack is one of those gifts your dad would never think to buy for himself, but trust us, he'll be totally psyched that you did.

5. Kindle

Is your dad's library overflowing? Get him a Kindle so he can have all of his books in one place.

6. Desk Organizer Plus Charging Station

Give your dad the gift of a better workflow (and a fully charged phone) with this desk organizer and charging dock in one.

7. Ceiling Garage Storage

Vertical storage is the key to organization. This overhead garage ceiling storage is a total game-changer.

8. 11 Piece Travel Kit

If your dad's the kind of guy with places to go and people to see, help him stay organized during business trips with this 11 piece travel kit.

9. Wallet Organizer

Most as-seen-on-TV products are cheesy, but this wallet organizer is actually pretty handy.

10. BBQ Toolbox

Nothing says classic Dad like this portable grill that includes a bun warming rack and plenty of storage for ketchup and mustard.

11. Tech Organizer

Tech-savvy dads will love this tech organizer that's sleek and ready for travel.

12. Storage Unit

If your dad is dreaming about cleaning out his garage, toolshed or closet, get him a storage unit. And as an added bonus, help him haul his clutter to it.

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