Anaheim, CA: Top Things to Know About Storage

Jon Fesmire | Mar 09, 2016 @ 10:37 AM

Anaheim’s Tourism Affects Self-Storage in a Strange Way

With the Disneyland Resort, the Anaheim Gardenwalk, and other interesting places to visit, Anaheim is a major tourist destination, especially in the summer. You might not think self-storage would be important for tourists, but you would be mistaken.

While many travel writers suggest traveling light, many tourists still bring so much with them that they need somewhere to put their items. These tourists generally rent a unit for one month. When this happens, it can cause some confusion if they expect a free month of rent. Those self-storage facilities that give a free month also require a stay of at least two months. However, these tourists can generally get a 50% price reduction.

Know Your Neighborhood

Crime in Anaheim is lower than in most of California. However, it is also a large city with 350,000 residents, so some areas are safer than others. As such, facilities without good security sometimes get broken into, and tenants who are stolen from move to safer facilities. Save yourself the hassle and find a facility with good security systems the first time.

Good security includes coded access, cameras, alarms (preferably on each door), good lighting, and dedication from the staff to immediately investigate when any alarm goes off.

The Environment of Your Storage Unit

Anaheim experiences mild, even warm winters and hot summers. The area is neither too humid nor too dry. For the most part, that means tenants don’t need climate control. However, it also means storage with climate control is more difficult to find if you want to store, say, your wine collection.

As Anaheim has a nice climate for people, it’s also comfortable for pests. Make sure you find a self-storage facility with pest control. Some set traps around the perimeter of the facility and put a pest packet in every unit before renting it out. Facilities may also have an exterminator company come out to spray the grounds once per month.

However, when a pest problem does occur, it is usually because a tenant stored something they should not have, such as living plants, and brought the pests in. Doing so can be grounds for eviction, so make sure you don’t store anything against the facility rules or accidentally bring in items infested with bugs.

Advertising in Anaheim

Local self-storage facilities like A-1 Self Storage know that advertising in newspapers is less effective in the 21st century that it was in past years. A-1 gets most of its tenants through Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

However, the company’s Fullerton facility is near California State University Fullerton, and hands out fliers to college students returning from summer or winter break. This facility gives renters what they should expect from a self-storage business: peace of mind due to high security plus exceptional pest control, using the methods previously mentioned.

As a good corporate citizen, A-1 Self Storage has a charity program. When a tenant moves out and leaves items behind, the company will sell the items at auction. The company matches the buy price and gives the total to the Helping Hands charity.