Why Organized Living Leads to a Better Life

Jon Fesmire | May 22, 2019 @ 8:01 AM

Cleaning and organizing. They’re not on most people’s lists of favorite things to do. However, those who do keep their homes and workspaces organized know that cleaner spaces lead to a clearer head, less stress, more happiness, and greater productivity. Even those who like their “organized chaos” may discover that an organized home or desk works better for them, so long as they are able to do the organizing.

Let’s explore these ideas further.

Positive Traits and Happiness

In 2018, The Clorox Company published its findings on the correlation between cleaning and emotional wellbeing.

First, being in a clean environment makes most people 80% more relaxed, 60% less stressed, and 72% more productive. Those are all very noticeable differences, and all those mean greater happiness.

According to that same study, people who do the cleaning themselves are 53% more likely to be happier for every additional hour they clean per week. So, if you clean for just 20 minutes a day, you’ll probably see a significant increase in happiness. Once you have your space clean and organized, you probably won’t need to clean any longer than about 20 minutes per day as well.

An Energy Boost

Feeling like you’re in a slump? Look around your work area or your home and see what you can get cleaned and organized. Maybe your desk has become a bit cluttered. Maybe your floor is a bit dusty. Maybe dishes have piled up in the sink. Organize your desk, sweep the floor, or wash those dishes, and you’ll likely feel a bit more energetic and focused.

Organization and Healthy Eating

Here’s a connection you may not have thought about. Good organization, especially in the kitchen, can lead to healthier eating. Simply organize your fridge, freezer, counters, and cabinets in a way that puts healthful foods front-and-center.

Besides just changing your focus, though, since greater organization leads to less stress, you’ll be less likely to stress eat.

Organizing Your Space

Go through your belongings and sort them into things you need, things you can sell, things you can donate, things you can recycle, and things that need to be thrown out. There are various resources online for where you can donate and recycle various items, as well as how to throw out other items that don’t go easily in the trash.

The “things you need” category includes items of significant sentimental value, things you use sometimes, and things you like having around. For example, if you’re a bookworm, you may have shelves of books and want to keep all of them at home.

The Role of Self Storage

Even once you’ve decluttered and organized, you may find that some things you need or want to keep are just taking up too much space.

Self storage is a great solution for this problem. Did you know that storage space costs less than residential rental space? You don’t need to get a bigger home because of your important stuff. You can put those extras in a storage unit for much cheaper.

Take a look around your place, and you may discover that a lot of those items taking up extra space are seasonal. If it’s summer, your winter clothing may be taking up a fair amount of drawer and closet space, but be out of place. If it’s winter, your shorts and tank tops, swimming suits, wetsuits, and beach toys may be taking up extra room. In that case, we recommend using self storage as an off-season closet.

If you run a business and keep stock in your office or home, that could be taking up additional space. So, another great use for a self storage unit is as a place to keep your inventory.

Make sure you get a storage unit that’s the right size for what you need. If you live in an area that gets hot and humid, cold and dry, or both, we also encourage you to look into climate control. After reading this, we hope you’re ready to improve your contentment by keeping your spaces clean and organized, and that the tools we’ve provided help.

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