The Basics of Self-Storage Unit Maintenance

storelocal | April 7, 2016 @ 1:14 PM

Most people choose to rent a self-storage unit simply because they wish to manage clutter inside their homes with more ease and find the best spot for valuable contents that they can’t or don’t want to deposit onsite. As convenient and comfortable as it may be, any storage unit inevitably requires regular maintenance to ensure the highest level of tenant satisfaction. Here are a few aspects that you should consider to reduce the costs and labor in what is a very straightforward task.

Understand Your Duties

Start by creating a maintenance checklist and a schedule that you could realistically follow. Start a routine designed to protect your rented space and your stored goods. Reorganize boxes inside your unit; open containers and assess the condition of some of your most delicate and valuable goods; replace worn-out packaging materials with better options, if needed; dust all surfaces using a clean, damp cloth; and sweep the floor. Keep in mind that frequent checkups and regular maintenance will contribute to an improved self-storage experience in any environment.

Upgrade Your Space, If Necessary

If needed, implement changes with the particularities of your space and your specific storage needs in mind. For example, you could start by using room dividers to delimitate different zones serving specific purposes. Furthermore, you could use versatile furniture pieces and in-room storage solutions to keep your stored goods organized at all times and prevent clutter inside your unit.

Prep the Field for a Simpler Unit Shape-Up

Many tenants appreciate the best self-storage units for their versatility, spaciousness, and the reduced level of commitment that they imply. Clients can opt for a bigger or smaller unit at any given point in time, and explore the advantages of a short-term lease. Even in this context, they have to be ready to pack and move their stored goods in record time, and leave the storage unit just as they have found it. If you’re planning on terminating your lease or targeting a new unit, start by cleaning up your old one. Toss the trash, sweep out the entire room, and wash the floor and the walls if needed. Make sure you reach even the tightest corners, and leave every inch of space looking spotless. If your number-one priority is to find and reserve a unit involving reduced maintenance work, opt for a room brought to you by US Storage Centers, a reputable provider of self-storage solutions that are much appreciated for their affordability, modern features, and small price tags.

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