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Self Storage Man Cave: Revisited

CJ Moore | March 10, 2011 @ 5:19 PM

Last weekend, my girlfriend took her son to Monkey Business during the Kansas-Missouri game. She said that there were a bunch of dads there wearing KU gear with defeated looks on their faces. Obviously, they wanted to be watching the game, but instead their wives told them that they needed to spend Saturday with their family. My girlfriend said she felt bad for the guys, and then we had the following exchange: Me: I would hope so. If we ever get married, and you do that to me, I will file for divorce immediately. Her: I would never do that to you. But divorce, really? Me: Yes, and that would be letting you off lightly. See, here in Kansas City where StorageFront is headquartered, we don’t take our basketball lightly. And we take the KU-Missouri game so seriously, it’s called the Border War. So forcing a man to miss that game is…. hmm, how do I keep this PG?... it’s like taking away his man card. Now, luckily, I have a very understanding and wonderful girlfriend who would never* make me miss an important game. *I know what you’re thinking… “Just wait until you’re married.” But if I were held hostage and didn’t have any freedom, I would need a secret hiding spot where I could go to do manly things and watch basketball. This reminded me of a post from a while back on self storage man caves. If you have been emasculated and are unable to watch games in your own home, it might be the perfect time to rent a storage unit. Set up a few couches and lazy boys, get some TVs, a beer fridge, an excuse to get out of the house and you’re set. The holidays (March Madness) should be spent with your friends and your favorite beverage. And if your wife doesn’t like it, that storage unit might come in handy when you file your papers.

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