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Krista Diamond | March 21, 2016 @ 5:37 PM

San Antonio is often referred to as “Military City, USA” or “Mother in Law of the Army,” and man, is it ever. The total military population in the area is 1,990,675 and that encompasses active duty, reservists and veterans from Joint Base San Antonio and the surrounding area. While more than 200 storage facilities in San Antonio sounds like a lot, it’s easy to understand why some military members unfortunately find themselves scrambling for space when you consider that 200 facilities only means about 110,000 individual storage units. Remember though, there are plenty of housing, educational and social opportunities on base, but San Antonio’s reasonable cost of living and lively downtown make living in the city a definite option, so not everyone is necessarily going to be looking for storage near the base. If you’re relocating to San Antonio to work at the base, you’ve already got enough to figure out. Read our advice on military storage in San Antonio and cross one thing off your list.

Storage Near the Base

So we’ve already talked about what’s available and who’s using it, but let’s get a few more crucial pieces of information out of the way. Where you should you store? If you’re in the barracks for training or in privatized military housing (available through Lincoln Military Housing, Balfour Beatty Communities and Hunt Military Communities), you’re going to be looking for storage near the base itself. The advantage to this is that many facilities, like Lockaway Storage-Rittiman (less than 10 minutes from the base) offer 10% military discounts and are familiar with the specific storage needs of military members and their families. Another nearby option is Uncle Bob's Self Storage (just a five minute drive from the base). This facility rents trucks which is a huge help for military members moving from temporary housing into privatized housing. In fact, most storage facilities near the base typically see military renters in this situation more than any other. This means that while it’s true that a high volume of military storage renters are using facilities near the base, they’re not necessarily staying in their units for long periods of time. That’s good news for you if your ideal size unit (5x10 and 10x10 are the most popular) isn’t available, as it likely will be soon. You might be stuck keeping all of your stuff in your car or in your hotel room for a short period of time, but that won’t be the case forever.

Storage and Deployment

As a military member, the base has all kinds of things in place to support you and your family while you’re serving overseas. Don’t you think your storage facility should do the same? Luckily, lien laws affect military members a little differently than they do civilians. Sometimes, even if you trust in online bill pay or you ask someone you know to make sure you storage unit rent gets paid, things go wrong. Your facility manager will make every attempt to contact you if this happens, but if you’re in a war zone, he’ll probably have a pretty tough time doing so. Don’t despair; these laws exist to prevent your stuff from getting auctioned off. One word of caution though: The military doesn’t like to see members defaulting on rent payments of any kind, so while you should be in the clear as with your storage facility, you might still have some explaining to do to your superiors. We recommend looking for specials that allow you to pay for several months in advance, setting up auto pay, or simply taking the time to talk to your facility manager before your deployment begins to make sure he knows how military lien laws work (he should) and to discuss how to prevent your rent from accidentally going unpaid.

Military Storage and RV/Boat Storage

We know, we know; thinking about one type of storage is enough. But hear us out. As a military member in San Antonio, you’re privy to some pretty sweet perks. One such perk is access to military only RV parks like Joint Base San Antonio Canyon Lake Recreation Park. It’s just an hour away from the base and it’s open year round. Because it’s situated on scenic Canyon Lake, it’s a great place to bring your boat and get out on the water. If you like camping, you can bring your RV and stay the weekend. Find RV/boat storage in San Antonio and your relocation to Texas won’t require you to sacrifice your favorite hobby. If it sounds crazy to you to have one storage unit for your belongings and one for your RV or boat, keep in mind that the cost of living in San Antonio is below the national average and if you’re moving from almost any other city, you’re going to be surprised by how much extra money you have left over after paying your bills. That means that you can afford storage and enjoy some extra breathing room as a result. Yep, even in the barracks.

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