Preparing for Thanksgiving at Your Home

Jon Fesmire | November 6, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

Thanksgiving can be a wonderful holiday—especially when everyone is getting along. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your place this year, here are some steps you can take to prepare your home for guests, whether they’re visiting for the day or staying overnight.

Declutter First

No matter how long your guests will be with you, you want to have enough room for everybody. A week or so before Thanksgiving arrives, go around your home and do some decluttering. You may even find you have items you just don’t need—things you can donate, sell, recycle, or throw out.

Make room in a closet for coats of guests who will be with you for Thanksgiving day and clear out a dresser for overnight guests.

Using Self Storage

If you have a self storage unit, you can put some things in there for the duration of the holiday, and even through Christmas, if you’re going to have guests over again. If you don’t have a storage unit, you can rent a 5x5 unit on a month-to-month basis and store clutter in it during the holiday season. Be sure to rent a storage unit with climate control, which will keep your things safe from the cold, dry weather.

Preparing Bedding

Do you have enough beds and bedding for guests who are staying over after Thanksgiving? Perhaps you have a guest room or a couch that turns into a bed. If not, get an air mattress. Now is a good time to stock up on extra sheets and blankets as well.

Put Out Snacks

When your guests arrive on Thanksgiving, have snacks available. If the turkey’s taking a little longer than expected to cook, your guests may get peckish and want some appetizers.

Have a mix of candy, chips, and crackers as well as healthy options like nuts and vegetables.

Have Some Bathroom Extras

Stock your bathroom cabinet with extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss, plus some travel-sized shampoos and conditioners. Let your guests know what’s there. This will help if they’ve forgotten their own dental care products, and they’ll appreciate a variety of hair-care options.

Also, have plenty of toilet paper on hand, plus a plunger and toilet brush next to the toilet. Let your guests know where the towels and washcloths are.

Keep Up With the Dishes

When you have guests over, the dirty dishes pile up faster. Stay on top of it by washing your dishes more often than you normally would. Try to put the dishes away after they’re dry so that your guests are able to find them.

Provide Electronics Support

Your guests will undoubtedly want to charge their phones and use their electronic devices to share pictures and check their email.

Make sure your guests are able to stay connected by providing your wifi password with them. Add power strips to outlets so that multiple devices can be charged at once.

Consider Alternative Traditions

Make your guests’ Thanksgiving memorable by planning a unique holiday activity. This could include taking a family walk, playing games together, or visiting a nearby park. For inspiration, check out this list of five unusual ways to enjoy thanksgiving.

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