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Krista Diamond | March 24, 2016 @ 1:04 PM

They say location is everything. When it comes to what city your college is in, we couldn’t agree more. Think about it. Would you rather be snowed in at your dorm or studying on the beach? Not to throw shade on schools up north, but we choose option B. If you do too, you’ve got a lot of decisions to make when it comes to planning your college years in Miami. If those plans include bringing a lot of your stuff with you, utilizing self storage can help answer the age old college student question of, “But where does it all go?” Here are a few pointers:

Storage Near Your School

Getting around Miami isn’t exactly a stroll on the beach (We wish!). If you’re unfamiliar with the city, a quick search for storage facilities in Miami brings forth a lot of options. Thanks to the wide availability of storage, the only reason for driving more than a few miles is your budget. You can find the same unit size just about anywhere, but prices vary based on location and what’s included. It’s a lot like renting an apartment in that sense. For example, you can find a climate controlled 5x5 unit at Safeguard Self Storage on Flagler Street for just $55 a month. At the Coconut Grove location a climate controlled 5x6 unit goes for $161 a month. That’s quite a difference in price for pretty much the same unit. Keep an eye on how rates fluctuate so that you don’t end up paying too much just because you signed a lease with the first facility you called. If convenience is the main thing you’re looking for in a storage facility, it’s easy enough to find a unit close to where your dorm or apartment is. If you go to Florida International University, try US Storage Centers just seven miles away. Their 5x5 units rent for as low as $34.50 a month and climate control is available as is truck rental and drive up access. If you’re fortunate enough to attend Barry University (The same school where Shaquille O’Neal got his PhD in 2012!), you can find storage at Safeguard Self Storage just three miles away. There 4.5x4.5 units are just right for those extra items that won’t fit in your dorm room closet, and they rent for around $41 a month. If you attend the mid-sized University of Miami, you’ll actually be looking for storage closer to Coral Gables (even though the word “Miami” is literally in the name). A facility like Hialeah Drive Self Storage, offers climate control, truck rental, online bill pay and even wine storage, so you can tell your parents that all of that Franzia boxed wine isn’t irresponsible, it’s a collection.

Storage for the Summer

Wondering what all this talk is about climate control? Just consider those the two words to live by when you’re choosing a storage unit for summertime storage. Climate control is perfect in environments that experience high humidity, which certainly describes Miami. This type of storage is typically indoors, which is an advantage over outdoor units which are more likely to experience some kind of damage from the elements (i.e. floodwater seeping under a door). In addition to protection against humidity, climate control also offers your items relief from the heat. If you’re storing photos, posters, artwork or books, an air conditioned unit will preserve them. If you’re not sure whether or not you need climate control, look at what items you’re putting into storage. Are you storing a bike? Electronics? Furniture? A musical instrument? Your vinyl collection? If you answered yes to even one of those, climate control is probably for you, but you should at least choose an indoor unit over an outdoor one. Thankfully, Miami has many options for indoor storage. Safeguard Self Storage is a great choice for an indoor unit that’s also climate controlled. They offer carts and dollies and a covered loading area so that even if you’re storing on a fifth floor unit, the process is painless.

Storage and Textbooks

Even if every single one of your classes and accompanying textbooks is online, you’re probably going to have to print something out at some point. Paper is unavoidable and it’s likely that you’ll need to store documents, textbooks or your personal library at some point. You already know the importance of climate control, but there are a few additional steps you can take to properly store your books. Avoid packing them in cardboard boxes as these can wick moisture. In small amounts, moisture causes books to mold. In larger amounts, it destroys them. You should also avoid placing them directly on the floor, especially if you have an outside unit. Even if you’re storing inside, something like an improperly defrosted fridge can cause water damage to your unit. Place books on a pallet or simply on top of an item you’re comfortable placing on the ground of your unit, so long as it’s not an item (like something cushioned) that absorbs moisture.

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