In a New Relationship? Here Are Tips for Cleaning Your Home!

Jon Fesmire | April 10, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

Ah, the joy of a new relationship. Falling in love can bring out the best in you, making you want to be the best partner you can be. When you’re single, on the other hand, you may tend to let certain things slide. Got a pile of dishes in the sink? Oh well, they can wait until tomorrow. That hamper’s smelling a little funky, but it’s not full, so you figure you can wait a few days to do laundry. After all, when it’s just you around the house, these things aren’t necessarily a big deal.

However, when you’re in a new relationship, you want to make a good impression by keeping your home clean. These tips will help take your place to next-level clean, which is ideal when you want to bring your sweetheart home.

Take Out That Garbage

We suggest you take out your garbage at least every other day. Whether under the sink or in a can by the fridge, garbage can smell pretty bad. You may not notice it, but if your partner has a more sensitive nose, they may.

Sweep and Vacuum

Sweep your floors every couple of days. A good time to do this is right before you take out the garbage, as you can dump the dust and dirt into the garbage bag before tying it off and taking it outside. Vacuum once a week.

Do Dishes and Laundry

Don’t let your dirty dishes or laundry pile up too much. Try to do your dishes after every meal. If you make it part of your meal routine, it won’t seem that tough. Don’t let the laundry sit for more than a few days before running a load, or it can start to smell.

Wipe Down Counters

Food particles and smears on counters can leave a bad impression. The same goes for soap and toothpaste bits on bathroom counters. Get a good kitchen cleaner and some dish rags or paper towels and wipe it all down. This includes your stovetop and appliances.

Clean Out Your Fridge

As a single person, you may not have thought about throwing out old food very often. You should, of course. Mold can grow in the fridge, which is not healthy for you. But you also don’t want your significant other seeing it in a dirty state.

Throw out the old food, then use your counter cleaning solution or spray to wash out the inside of your fridge. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Once it’s clean, put the fresh food back inside.

Keep Your Toilet Clean

Always keep a toilet brush and plunger next to your toilet. After you use it and flush, use the brush to remove any residue. For the most part, this will keep your toilet nice and clean. Every now and then, add a half a cup of vinegar to your toilet bowl, let it sit for up to an hour, then brush it clean and flush.

Wash Your Sheets

Heading into the bedroom with your significant other? Then wash your sheets! It’s a good idea to do this before and after a sleepover. They’ll appreciate the clean smell and feel, and this simply makes for a more romantic environment for couples.

It is possible to keep your home nice for yourself and your partner, even on a busy schedule.

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