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How to Make a Studio Apartment Feel Bigger

Jon Fesmire | May 15, 2017 @ 3:00 PM

Do you live in a studio apartment? For some of us, doing so is a temporary solution, perhaps while living as a student or first moving to a new town. Others love living in small spaces. Whichever you are, you no doubt want your small place to feel like home.

Fortunately, there are some tricks to making a studio apartment seem larger. These ideas should help you make the most of your space.
  • Embrace Minimalism - In a larger home, you can keep all your belongings, even things you rarely use. In a studio apartment, keeping fewer possessions means having more space. While living in a small apartment, consider getting a self storage unit to keep your other belongings safe.

  • Arrangement - This one can be tricky. Consider different ways to arrange your furniture in the apartment and choose one that gives a sense of more space. This could be as simple as having your bed against two walls rather than one. Keeping the entrance to your home clear will also help. When you enter, the sense of openness at the entrance will stick with you.

  • Vertical Space - Studio apartments are limited when it comes to floor space, but you may have a good deal of wall space. That’s perfect for taller shelves to hold a variety of items. Hanging shelves can also help by keeping the floor clear and drawing the eye higher.

  • Hiding Furniture - Does your bed seem to take up too much space in a small apartment? Consider getting a couch with a hideaway bed, which will give you a place to sit during the day and sleep comfortably at night. A good futon will serve the same purpose. A fold-out wall table can keep valuable kitchen space free, becoming part of the wall until you need it.

  • Clean - Clean your place daily. Make sure clutter is gone, and everything is put in its place. This will go a long way toward making your place seem more spacious.

  • Coordinate Colors - When possible, keep the colors in your place within a narrow palate. Disparate colors can break up the space visually, giving the impression of less room. Similar colors—particularly light ones—will add to the sense of continuity and therefore add space.

  • Lighting - While your apartment may come with lights in the center of the ceiling (some don’t), having a few extra lights in every room helps. Consider wall-mounted lighting high up, or keeping a lamp on your desk and one on your bedside table. During the day, open the shades for awhile.

  • Mirrors - Full body mirrors that attach to the wall can create the illusion of space. Consider putting them on the wall where you have extra room. Don’t use full body floor mirrors, however, as these will take up actual space. Wall-hung mirrors will, instead, seem to create rooms beyond.

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