How to Find Discounts on Self Storage

Jon Fesmire | March 21, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

Need a self storage unit now, but don’t have enough to pay a full month’s rent? You’re not alone. It’s common when one’s life circumstances suddenly change to need to get a storage unit. Perhaps you’re letting a friend or relative stay at your home and you need to make extra space, or you just landed a cush job several towns away and now have moving expenses.

On the other hand, maybe you’ve known for awhile that you need a storage unit, and you just want to get a good deal. Whatever the case, here are some ideas to help you save money.

Finding Discounts

Good news! It’s easy to find discounts on self storage. A search for “self storage discount” or “self storage coupons” on Google will bring up various facilities offering savings like money off your first month’s rent.

However, you’ll want to do some homework and think about the types of discounts that might be available.

Types of Discounts

First, it’s important to realize that discounts on self storage are a product of supply and demand. When facilities have plenty of tenants, they don’t need to offer specials. When use declines and they need to bring in new customers, they get more competitive and offer incentives to new tenants.

Are you an active member of the armed forces, a senior, or a student? Most facilities offer military and senior discounts. Fewer offer student discounts, but it never hurts to ask. For a senior discount, your drivers license as identification and proof of age should suffice. For a military discount, you’ll need your military ID, and if the facility offers a student discount, you’ll need your student ID.

The most common type of discount you’ll find is for the first month free, or for $1. This usually requires that you sign on to rent for at least two months, but can help tremendously if you suddenly need storage. It’s also helpful if you’re moving and already spending a lot on the trip.

Rather than offer the first month free, a facility may offer other first-month incentives. These can include a discount on boxes and other moving supplies for the first month. They may also include free items, like a strong lock or set of boxes and tape.

Most facilities stick to a monthly lease contract for tenants. However, some may offer discounts on long-term leasing. If you know you’ll need the unit for a while, ask what you can get. This may include the first two or more months free or a lower monthly rate. Also, keep in mind that many tenants keep their units for longer than they expect. You may think you’ll use the unit for three months, but end up keeping it for a year. Think hard about this and be honest with yourself, as it can save you money.

Some facilities want to help you get your belongings into your unit, and will offer free use of a moving truck, hand trucks, or both. This can save you a lot of time and extra money.

Another way self storage facilities grow their customer base while helping their tenants is by creating a referral program. Basically, if people you refer to the facility end up renting there, you get a discount. Ask the facilities you’re considering if they have one. Often, you won’t find discounts listed. We recommend searching for a facility you like on the StorageFront, then calling around and asking the places you like what they offer. StorageFront also shows up-to-the-minute pricing.

Check Out the Facility

When considering a facility, ask for a brief tour. Most places will be happy to drive you around in the golf cart. You can see if you like the place and ask further questions. What sort of security do they have? How do they handle pests like rodents and bugs? Also, read reviews about the company. Sometimes, less well-maintained facilities will offer heavy discounts. Make sure you’re putting your belongings into a unit in a safe, clean, secure place.

Finally, you might find a facility you love that doesn’t advertise discounts. It’s always smart to ask if you can negotiate one. A high-priced facility may offer a nice deal rather than have you walk away.

Finding the best discounts can take time, but can save you quite a bit over the months or years you need a unit, and facility operators are generally happy to help.

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