How to Choose and Customize Storage Containers

storelocal | May 16, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

Self-storage is a convenient solution for companies and homeowners who want to hold on to various categories of products without depositing them on their premises. After renting indoor space to organize and protect valuables, tenants should strive to create and implement their own storage system to prevent clutter inside their units. Storage containers are the central element of any onsite and offsite organizing solution, which can make or break a renter’s self-storage experience. In this context, renters may ask: what kind of containers do I actually need?

Choosing the Best Storage Containers

Ideally, when it comes to shopping around for bins, boxes and any other type of packing containers to safely transport and deposit your contents inside your self-storage unit, you should always compare products based on their price, material, size, weight, features and appeal. Buy the ones that are compatible with your storable items. For instance, heavier items should be placed inside sturdy containers with handles that enable users to move their contents safely and with more ease in and out if their units.
Moreover, breakables can be stored in containers with cushioning, such as foam or packing peanuts, designed to help movers avoid surface damage. For some people, the color of their containers is an important element that boosts the practicality and efficiency of their entire storage system. Some like to establish a connection between the color of their bins and the color of the contents accommodated by their packing products of choice. For instance, many families store red Christmas ornaments in red bins, artificial Christmas trees in green boxes, and gold and silver decorations in metallic packing cases. As a general rule of thumb, regardless of their brand, the best storage solutions are the ones that are sturdy, easy to use and move around, accessible, versatile and also easy to reuse or repurpose.

Customizing Your Preferred Storage Solution

To ensure an even easier identification, it would be wise to glue a label to the exterior side of each packing case. Write a brief description on each label, and leave a few copies in a few strategic places, including inside your container and in your household journal. In case you need more than a brief description to stay organized, take a picture of your contents before arranging them inside the container, print the photo, and attach it to the exterior of your holder. Last but not least, don’t forget that the site you choose for storage purposes is just as important as the packing materials and supplies that you select. To organize and protect the valuables that you intend to deposit outside your home, consider spending your money wisely on the rooms for rent introduced by the best storage facility, and find out more about the special deals promoted by your Phoenix Storage Unit Provider in your area.

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