Cheap Solutions for Decorating Your Home for St. Patrick’s Day

Jon Fesmire | March 15, 2018 @ 9:17 AM

St. Patrick’s Day is coming fast, and while it’s not a major holiday, it’s one many of us love to celebrate. Whether you simply wear green all day, drink green beer, throw a party, or liven up your home or office, you may enjoy creating some of these decorations.

For this list, we recommend that you look for supplies first at your local dollar stores to save a little money. Drug stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart also often have supplies you’ll need at budget prices.

Leprechaun Footprints

I remember this idea vividly from when I was in kindergarten. The other students and I came into class that day to “evidence” that leprechauns had been there. You see, their footprints were right on the wall! Leprechauns can walk on walls, didn’t you know?

Our teacher and aides had cut out footprints from green craft paper and used scotch tape to affix them to the walls in a path. (They may have used double-sided tape, I don’t know.) This is a fun idea whether you do it for kids or just as a party decoration. Have the footprints lead along the wall to the table, where you can have candy and other decorations, or to the bar, where you’ll want to have green drinks, including beer.

Luck of the Leprechaun Hat Centerpiece

Speaking of your bar, candy table, or snack table, it could use a centerpiece. Consider making a Luck of the Leprechaun Hat Centerpiece. This requires a clay pot and base, green and black crafting paint, floral foam, silk flowers, a small picture frame, a hot glue gun, and optionally, some green Spanish moss. The result will be a leprechaun hat in the center of your table, with lovely silk flowers “growing” out of the top.

Alternately, you could put actual plants in the pot, and have the hat upside down, so that it looks like a leprechaun left his hat and planted some flowers in it for you.

Leprechaun Belt Cups

It’s a St. Patrick’s Day party, so why drink out of standard party cups? Instead, get some green ones, and make Leprechaun belt cups. You’ll need green paper cups, black ribbon, golden or brown construction paper, and a little glue.

The result: green drinking cups with leprechaun belts, for whatever you and your guests drink.

Pot ‘O Gold Rainbow Cake Bites

Enjoy cooking? You can make these lovely party favors for your guests. Pot ‘O Gold Rainbow Cake Bites are just what they sound like, tiny cakes in the shape of pots, overflowing with gold coins, with rainbows arcing from them. You’ll just have to see them, and check out the recipe. Suffice it to say, the look delicious and will impress your guests.

Leprechaun Hat Favors

Our final leprechaun-themed creation is great if you want to treat St. Patrick’s Day a bit like Easter and give your kids some candy. You’ll need small plastic Glad bowls (and their lids), green acrylic paint, a paintbrush, a small sponge, green and yellow cardstock, some black ribbon, and double-sided tape.

Follow the tutorial and you’ll end up with snack containers that look like leprechaun hats, which you can fill with green candy and chocolate gold coins. Have those footprints leading up to your table and you could tell the kids some leprechauns brought them candy.

Shamrock Balloons

St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be quite right without something shamrock-themed, and balloons are a great decoration for kids’ parties.

This tutorial shows how to take green balloons, and a little green string, to make big beautiful shamrocks to affix to your walls.

Shamrock Wreath

We all know Christmas wreaths, which people put on their front doors during December. There are even creative Halloween wreaths, which we’ve written about before. So, if wreaths are appropriate for those holidays, why not for St. Patrick’s Day?

With a hot glue gun and some supplies from the dollar store, you can make an attractive shamrock wreath in about a half hour. Put it on your wall, or on your door, to let people know how much you enjoy this Irish holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day Banner

Got a message you want to share on St. Patrick’s Day? It might just be “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” or “Welcome, Leprechauns!”

Whatever it is, say it in a banner. This easy project requires some paper shamrocks which you can purchase or cut out yourself from craft paper, some letters, a bit of glue, some tape, and some string. You can then use push-pins to hang it on a wall. You’ll end up with a banner of shamrocks, with a letter on each one, spelling out your message.

Have fun with these projects, and most of all, have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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