Decorating Your Storage Facility for Halloween

Jon Fesmire | Aug 28, 2017 @ 09:42 AM

Halloween is rolling around soon, a time of costumes, candy, and frights. If you’re a self storage operator, don’t miss the opportunity to get in on the fun. This is America’s second favorite holiday, right after Christmas and right before Thanksgiving. It’s fun dressing up as someone—or something— you’re not. There’s also a thrill in facing our fears, in looking at death in the form of ghosts, vampires, and monsters. Kids love trick-or-treating, and adults love the parties and pageantry.

When you decorate your storage facility, you’re getting into the spirit of the season. You’re showing the community that you’re a fun business that wants to interact with the community.

Lacking in ideas for how to spookify your storage facility? Here’s a little Halloween decorating inspiration.

General Tips

Keep the decorations tasteful. An excess of gore, while certainly fitting with the Halloween theme, is going overboard. You don’t want to disgust tenants or scare new customers away.

You should have decorations both outside and inside your storage facility. You want people passing by to see things like bats in the trees, a ghoul by the office door, and pumpkins among the plants, which can give them a positive impression of your storage facility and your community spirit. Once they step inside, have some decorations around the office, too.

Also, during the season, have a candy bowl on the counter in the office. Stick to things like Hershey’s kisses, fun-sized candy bars, and lollipops. Avoid the cheap types of candy that appear around this time of year.

Painted Pumpkins and Jack O’ Lanterns

Pumpkins are emblematic of the season, both because it’s the time of the harvest, and because jack o’ lanterns are so spooky.

When the Halloween season starts, consider first painting pumpkins and having those on display on the counter inside your storage facilities office, and outside, in front of the office. Consider putting up some attractive outdoor shelving against the office building, where people will see it when they come in, and put the pumpkins on the shelves.

What should you paint on the pumpkins? Of course, you could paint faces, but you could also do landscapes, such as ghost towns or a dark forest. You could paint a ghost train, complete with ghosts escaping the windows, or a flurry of bats.

Painted pumpkins will last longer, but closer to Halloween, get out your pumpkin carving knives and create some jack o’ lanterns, especially if you plan to participate in giving out candy on Halloween evening, after the sun sets. You can carve basic jack o’ lantern faces, or go with something totally different. You can place short, thick candles inside them, or, if you’d rather not use fire, something like glowing ice cubes. Avoid placing carved pumpkins anywhere near storage units, as they could attract pests.

Silhouette Landscapes and Haunts

Utilize the barrier wall in front of your storage facility and decorate it with the silhouette of a ghost town, some skeletons, bats, spooky trees, or some other Halloween-themed idea from your imagination. If you can afford to paint your outside wall for the holidays, and paint back over it afterward, this will make an amazing impression.

Otherwise, if you have a largely empty wall inside your office, you can decorate it with a silhouette scene. You may want to paint the wall, or work with large pieces of black paper. Admittedly, this is an ambitious project, but the end result will look incredible.

A Lifesize Door Greeter

Lifesize Halloween figures are often popular in neighborhoods. Some are still, some animatronic. You’ll find popular characters, and more generic Halloween frights, like scarecrows. Again, don’t get too gory and scare off potential self storage customers. Put the figure at the front door, and bring it in at night.


Turn the flower garden by your office into a graveyard. You can purchase sets of faux tombstones and either bring them in at night, or leave them among the bushes and flowers. This is so simple, but looks great if done well.

Ghost Drapes

Here’s an easy way to up the spook-factor inside and out. Purchase some cheese cloth, shred sections of it, and drape it over your windows like curtains, inside your office. This will give them a haunted house look, as if no one has been there in years and ghosts have taken up residence. It will also look good from inside and outside the office.

Bottles of Poison

These look amazing and are great for giving your office a creepy Victorian feel.

Gather some old wine, perfume, and cider bottles. You’ll also need some bottle label stickers. You can even download templates and print them to sheets of sticker paper, then cut them out. Those that look like they’re from the 19th or early 20th century are best.

From the bottles, remove the original labels. Clean the bottles thoroughly. When they’re dry, take them outside, put down some newspaper, and place the bottles on it. Coat them with a layer of spray primer. When the primer has dried, add a coat of matte black spray paint. When that dries, add one more coat.

In your best calligraphy, write things like “Embalming Fluid,” “Arsenic,” and “Strychnine” on the labels. Find other old medicines and poisons that sound interesting.

Affix the labels to the bottles as you would any label, and put them together as a display on your counter.


Most of us associate wreaths with Christmas, but wintery wreaths aren’t the only type.

Wreaths are fun and easier to make then you may think. First, you’ll need a wire wreath frame. You can also buy these in packs.

Next, decide what type of wreath you ant to make. You will then use mostly thin wire and glue to bind it all together to the frame. Let’s look at some ideas:

  • Human bone wreath. Purchase one of those plastic Halloween human skeletons, and remove or clip all the wires and bindings keeping the bones together. Attach them, one at a time, to the frame, layering and weaving them together. Once you have a bony circle, attach the skull last, then hang the wreath on your front door so that the skull is at about eye level with most people.

  • Eyeball wreath. Get a dozen of these packs of hollow plastic eyeballs and attach them to the frame. You may need to wire a set around it, then glue the rest. You’ll end up with a wreath of spooky eyes for your door.

  • Dollar store finds. Dollar stores and the like often sell Halloween skulls and other decorations during this season. Pick up some miscellaneous items and use them to decorate the wreath.

Hopefully, this article gives you a solid start in decorating your storage facility this year. Happy Halloween!