Best Methods to Storing Fur Goods

GuestBlogger | January 14, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Vintage fur coats usually have a high financial and sentimental value. If you own one or more pieces that you would very much like to pass on to your children or wear them for many more years to come, go the extra mile to ensure the best storage conditions for these delicate items. Self-storage offers you the perfect opportunity to preserve the value of fur apparel and accessories. In case you’re planning on renting a unit, follow these easy tips to create an additional layer of protection for these cherished items Buy and Use the Right Packaging Materials. To begin with, never store fur coats in plastic, because this material usually traps moisture inside, leading to a potential mold contamination and foul odors. Instead, hang your coat on a sturdy wooden hanger and cover it in cotton, instead of using garment bags or dry cleaning bags for this job. Keep in mind that fur and leather are prestigious fabrics that have to breathe at all times. Furthermore, hang your clothing items in a dry, dark place. Leave at least two inches between fur coats to enable the air to circulate properly between your stored garments. Nonetheless, do not try to store your fur coats with lavender, cedar chips, or moth balls. In theory, this may sound like a solid plan, but in reality, these products can damage the fur. Rent a Climate-Controlled Unit. Last but not least, think about renting a unit with climate control, which would maintain an ideal temperature and an optimal humidity level for your fur coats. Climate control is the handy feature that could keep your fur and leather goods looking like new for the longest period of time, while avoiding threats such as moisture damage, unpleasant odors, mold, and mildew. Call, stop by, or even rent your storage unit online, and find out how the best options in terms of self storage that could help you keep your living spaces clutter-free around the clock.

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