7 Cities to Move to if You’re Single and Ready to Mingle

Krista Diamond | February 7, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

Feeling unlucky in love? It might be time for you and your current hometown to start seeing other people. If you’re drowning in such a big sea of bad dates that your neighborhood is starting to feel ocean adjacent, it’s time to remind yourself of your ex’s famous last words: It’s not you.

Whether you’re looking to move to a place where your Tinder matches runneth over or you’re hoping to meet the love of your life, these seven cities are where you want to be this Valentine’s Day—or any day, really.

1. Washington, D.C.

Percentage of the city that’s single: 69% Why it’s a match: Take a moment to peruse this annual list of the 50 most beautiful people on Capitol Hill. We’ll wait. Now consider the fact that 38% of D.C.’s population is made up by millennials, most of whom can be found networking and flirting at bars down the street from the White House, and you’ve got a recipe for love, or at the very least attraction mixed with professional ambition. Besides hosting plenty of bright young things, D.C. is also the perfect backdrop for any kind of date, whether it involves a free museum (take your pick), sitting side by side at a craft brewery in the hip Shaw neighborhood or just gazing at each other by the steps of the Washington Monument. Just make sure your political views align.

2. Chicago, IL

Percentage of the city that’s single: 63% Why it’s a match: If you’ve ever dreamed of finding someone who looks equally cute lounging on the beach all summer and holed up in a pizzeria come winter, you can count on Chicago’s dating pool. The singles scene in Chicago is a little bit Midwestern manners with a healthy dash of edge. From cozy jazz bars to all night raves to the diviest of dive bars, finding a date starts with finding your favorite watering hole. Chicagoland’s 200 plus neighborhoods are home to almost three million people, meaning that whether you’re looking to meet someone at happy hour in Edgewater or at the library in Hyde Park, you’ll have no problem.

3. Denver, CO

Percentage of the city that’s single: 58% Why it’s a match: Yes, it’s often referred to as Menver thanks to a large number of single dudes, but the city’s fast growth is proof that love can be found no matter which gender you prefer to date. Known for being an outdoorsy, fitness-obsessed city, Denver is the perfect place to live if your idea of a great date involves climbing a 14,000 foot mountain (locally referred to as a 14’er, FYI), camping in a national park or hitting the slopes at one of the many ski resorts in nearby Summit County. While there are tons of bars on 16th Street where you can woo single tourists if that’s your thing, the real action is found in downtown-adjacent neighborhood LoHi, home to buzzy nightlife and plenty of single Mile High locals.

4. San Francisco, CA

Percentage of the city that’s single: 59% Why it’s a match: When a city calls itself the Paris of the West, you know you’re in for romance. San Francisco is known for bayside views, tech startups and a population of dreamers from all over the world who come to the California city in hopes of finding a reasonably priced apartment (lol), a career and perhaps even love. If you wander the Mission District or LGBT friendly Castro neighborhood, you’ll find no shortage of incredible restaurants, mixology-focused cocktail lounges and single men and women. Plenty of major tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter have offices in The City, but startups are always popping up too, so even if you don’t meet someone dreamy at Golden Gate Park, you still might get to test a beta version of the next great dating app.

5. Boston, MA

Percentage of the city that’s single: 68% Why it’s a match: There are more than 250,000 college students in Boston, including the smahht kids at Hahvahhd (we’ll stop, we promise) and thanks to a robust economy, many of them stay in Beantown and join the ranks of young professionals after graduation. In other words, if you’re a young single, you’re in luck. Hang out at Fenway long enough and you’ll meet someone who loves you just as much as they love the Red Sox. Knock back a few beers at a dive bar on the wharf if you’re into preppy guys with yachts. Or take advantage of the fact that Boston is one of the most pedestrian friendly cities in the country and hit the streets. You just might meet that special someone while you’re on your way to Dunkin Donuts.

6. Austin, TX

Percentage of the city that’s single: 58% Why it's a match: In a city that literally throws a birthday party for a donkey every year, being weird is an asset. If people in your current city don’t understand your quirks, rest assured that the people of Austin will. The Texas capitol is an incredibly accepting place where you can dye your hair bright blue, get a bunch of tattoos or wear a Halloween costume year-round. When it comes to dating, Austin is a great city to live in if open mindedness and creativity are important to you in a partner. The only caveat: You’ve got to love music and/or startups. If you like the idea of dating someone who is A) in a band or B) working in tech, you’ll have an easy time finding love, whether you’re looking for it on the lawn at Zilker Park, amongst the chainsmokers at Spiderhouse or—God help you—at a rooftop bar on Dirty Sixth Street.

7. Atlanta, GA

Percentage of the city that’s single: 72% Why it's a match: Is it just us, or did Atlanta get the nickname “Hotlanta” on account of all the local singles? The diverse, liberal city with distinctly southern vibes is home to warm weather, up-and-coming neighborhoods and streets lined with magnolia trees where you can seek shade during the hot summer months—preferably at a sidewalk cafe with a glass of sweet tea and an attractive stranger. Unlike Denver, the male to female ratio skews in favor of single, straight men, so if you’re a guy looking for a lot of options or a girl who doesn’t mind competition, Atlanta is the place to be. ATL offers a wealth of bars where you can meet singles, but it’s also home to a lot of churches, so if you’re looking to meet a nice boy or girl to take home to your parents, look no further than Sunday mass. One little thing to keep in mind, however: If someone holds the door for you and calls you “sweetheart,” they could be flirting, or they could just be southern. But hey, it never hurts to find out.

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