Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit during Thanksgiving

Kendra Bozarth | Nov 20, 2012 @ 09:28 AM

Thanksgiving is stressful enough, so you’re probably wondering why anyone would want to deal with the extra hassle of renting a storage unit during the holiday season. Oddly enough, a storage unit might provide you with more comfort and relaxation than those sweatpants you put on after Thanksgiving dinner.

1)    If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, chances are you have a lot of cleaning up to do. Why not throw everything into a storage unit? A storage unit has plenty of room for your unwashed laundry, slobbery children’s toys, and kitchen garbage. Remember, if your mother-in-law can’t see the dirty bathroom rug, then she can’t passive aggressively complain about it.

2)    Maybe you aren’t feeling so grateful this year and you need a little bit of motivation. Try spending a night in your storage unit. There won’t be wireless internet for your iPad, and if your unit doesn’t have climate control you’ll have to use a flat, cardboard box as a blanket.

3)    If you want to avoid your family during the holiday, a storage unit is the perfect place to disappear. Grab a six-pack of beer, a snuggie, and listen to football on your battery-powered radio until the morning.

4)    Your parents have been divorced for ten years, but they still hate each other. Why not host Thanksgiving dinner in your storage unit so you can get the family together at a neutral location? Some storage facilities even have security guards available during the holidays.

5)    You can finally eat that entire pumpkin pie in peace. Take advantage of the privacy of your storage unit and feel no shame when you’ve eaten so much you have to unbutton your pants.

So, rent a storage unit during Thanksgiving because sometimes being around a pile of boxes is better than being around your family. And, you could actually save some money; many storage facilities offer discounts and specials during the holiday season. Happy Holidays!