How to Add Character to Your Living Spaces Using Great Self Storage Units

storelocal | Feb 22, 2016 @ 01:13 PM

Some of the most remarkable home extreme makeover projects start with a great idea meant to address the aesthetic, functional or storage space flaws that make you less comfortable inside your apartment. If you feel the need to improve your living spaces, now would be a good time to take action. Here are three simple ways in which you could turn your indoors into a more personal and stylish environment without breaking the bank and without lowering your odds of getting your safety deposit back.

Add New Colors

Sometimes, even a bare-bone apartment can seem dark and small, because of its color palette. In case you feel the need to achieve brighter, cozier interiors that also seem more spacious, choose to add a few touches of color to your walls and floor. For instance, you could repaint the walls (after getting permission from your landlord), or apply quality removable wallpaper. Select the pattern that you like best, and go in favor of rich, warm colors that make even the tiniest apartments seem bigger and more welcoming. Also, don’t forget to deposit old artworks, picture frames and other decorations that you no longer find useful inside your self storage unit.

Open Up Each Room As you may imagine, interior designers rely on a great variety of simple tips and tricks that you could also explore to make your home feel bigger and more elegant. If you wish to create your very own open concept, start by renting self storage space from US Storage Centers, and moving and rearranging some of your rarely used belongings inside your unit. This will help you manage clutter the easy way. Next, rearrange furniture, get rid of bulky appliances and decorative items that you don’t really need around the house, and hang mirrors. These three basic steps will allow you to de-clutter your interiors and add a warm, personal touch to your home in no time.

Decorate Every Inch of Available Space In order to add character to your house, first you have to identify your style and group the items that you could use to recreate the feeling of a home. Go shopping, if needed. During this phase, it is extremely important to part ways with old adornments that are no longer a great match for the look and feel that you wish to achieve. If you dislike the idea of selling or discarding old decorations, simply send them to the nearest local self storage facility.

Rely on a combination of picture frames (wall art), throw pillows, area rugs and books, to add new colors and meanings to each room that you wish to upgrade. At the end of the day, remember that a reliable provider of self storage units always makes it easier for homeowners to find the time, space and energy to work on their living spaces. Rent a great storage unit, and get the premium extra space that you require to give the green light to your home improvement project.