5 Reasons to Use Self Storage for Your Business

Jon Fesmire | Aug 07, 2020 @ 09:00 AM

So, you’re running a business, but you’re also running out of room! Maybe you do small construction or landscaping projects and you don’t have space at home for all your equipment. Maybe you have a small store, or an online shop, that’s doing great, but you’re running out of room for inventory. Maybe you’re a pharmaceutical representative and you simply don’t want to keep all those sample medications at home.

You can see the problem here: not enough space. Fortunately, self storage specializes in extra space. You can store your construction equipment, inventory, and more. Just make sure you don’t store prohibited items. Anything flammable, for example, you would need to store elsewhere.

Here are five reasons to use self storage for your business.

It Can Save You Space

As we mentioned, saving space is the main reason to rent a self storage unit. In your office or your store, you may be running out of room for your inventory. Self storage is a great place to keep your overflow. Once you’ve freed up some space where you work, you can use it to expand your operation. Or, you can simply enjoy having the extra room. Clutter can cause stress, and clean spaces that are more open help to reduce it.

It Can Save You Money

It may seem backward to say that by renting extra space, you’ll save money. But hear us out. Storage space rents for less per square foot than residential or commercial space. Instead of renting a bigger office or moving into a bigger apartment so you have room for your inventory, you can save a lot of money renting a storage unit.

It Can Keep Your Inventory in Great Shape

You’ll want to make sure your equipment or inventory remains in good condition. So, we recommend renting a unit with climate control. While standard units naturally protect your belongings from sunlight, wind, rain, and snow, they do not protect well against temperature and humidity. Climate-controlled units keep the temperature in your unit between about 50 and 80 degrees, and the humidity between 30% and 50%, ideal conditions for most belongings.

It Will Keep Your Belongings Safe

Most self storage facilities have excellent security. Of course, we recommend you check out several facilities and that you vet them before renting a unit. Ideally, the facility will have a high wall around it rather than a fence. It should have 24-hour monitored camera surveillance, an alarm system, good lighting, and gated access.

You Can Get Deliveries to Your Unit

One fantastic advantage of renting a storage unit for your business is the ability to get packages delivered right to your unit. You’ll have to work this out with the facility you choose, but you should know that most do provide this service, and usually for free.

Yes, instead of getting deliveries to your home or office, and then having to bring them to your storage unit yourself, the facility can get the deliveries and put them in your unit for you. You’ll need to provide them with a key, of course, but this can save you a lot of time. Instead of bringing in each package, you can spend that time making sales.

These are the biggest advantages of using self storage for your business, but you’ll discover others as well, such as the ability to get affordable insurance for the value of your items, expanded access hours, and more, depending on the facility. The self storage industry is here to help make your business a success.