Plan a Spacious Dorm Room

A student’s college dorm room or apartment is the one place where he can go to get away from the hustle and bustle of a crowded campus, even if he has to share it with a roommate.  Still, how you initially structure your space can have profound impacts on the way you feel about it later on.  In order to create a comfortable space that accomplishes all of your goals, it is most helpful to plan ahead and pursue your goals from the beginning.  Self storage may open up possibilities for you to create a welcoming atmosphere that you can be proud to call home, especially when the space is a dorm room or small apartment.

Before deciding whether or not to reserve a storage unit, you might find it helpful to first consider what purposes your space will fulfill. Consider the following questions:

  1. Where will you position your bed in order to get the most rest?  Do you want to be near the window to get fresh air or do you want to be far away from it and as much in the dark as possible?
  2. Where do you like to study?  Do you prefer to read and study on your bed, couch, special chair, at a clean desk, or do you usually just go to a study hall or library nearby?
  3. What major furniture do you have that you need to make room for?
  4. Do you want to have a space where you can have a party or do you prefer sharing your space with just a few close friends?
  5. What unique or cool item can you strategically position in your room that is sure to always spur conversation?
  6. If you have a roommate, what are her needs?  How can you combine goals to live in near perfect harmony for an entire academic year?

Planning and creativity is everything when it comes to designing an enjoyable space that will last an entire year of college.  Depending on you and your roommate’s goals, you might find that renting a self storage unit can come in quite handy.  Not only will you get all of the junk out of your room that you will not use regularly, but you will also have those items within reach when the ’80s party nears and you need that dusty old outfit that your dad used to wear (and still thinks is “totally rad”).  More practically, you can rotate seasonal clothing throughout the year to save space.  While you are at it, you will have a space to hold the books you are waiting to be bought up on Ebay; you may end up paying off a good deal of the storage rental cost this way.  The possibilities are vast and the extra space you save can open up possibilities for you to further enjoy your room.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Get a nice rug to give your tile or plain carpet floor a more home-like feel.
  2. Purchase a Color Cube 500 and entice your friends to come study in your mellow, relaxed, ambiance-rich room.
  3. Buy a disco ball. Move your furniture against the walls of the room, and then you will have more space to party with friends.
  4. Get a lamp that matches your personality and avoid the glaring, annoying fluorescent lights that come standard with your room.
  5. Actually use the iron mom gave you, and put your clothes more neatly in drawers with the extra closet space acquired.
  6. Make your room smell nice with incense since classmates may be more likely to visit your less cluttered room.

Remember, you want to balance your personality with the necessities of your dorm room (including study space) and use your creativity to make it attractive to others so they, too, enjoy spending time in your space.  By taking the time to design the space and tailor it to your preferences, you may find that you will be less homesick and closer to being prepared to enter the real world.

If you do not have a vehicle to transport your items to storage, consider renting a portable storage unit.  A company will haul a large preordered box to your location and move it for you once you store your items.  Another alternative to self storage is shipping your items home to mom and dad.  Of course, you will not be able to access those items very easily, and it will take extra care (and money) to ship fragile items.

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