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Over the years self storage companies have evolved. Customers needs have shaped the design of many of today's self storage facilities. They now provide specialty services to meet needs for temperature control, humidity control, document protection, business storage, wine storage and mobility.

A standard self storage facility provides rooms in a large building or drive-up units that look like garages. Some companies offer outdoor units to store vehicles and other items that are able to withstand the elements. Outdoor units may include a space with a roof, floor and fence. Those who don't want to leave their vehicles on the street may choose these units for added security. Storage complexes often are protected by a fence that surrounds the entire storage complex and include additional security features like controlled access, lighting and video surveillance. Standard self storage facilities, however, do not take care of the needs of all people who want to store belongings outside their homes or businesses. To accommodate these customers, specialty services have been created.

Some self storage facilities specialize in protecting goods from extreme temperatures and moisture. These factors can be a problem in many situations...


Perhaps you and your husband recently returned from a tour of California wine country with a case from each of your favorite wineries. Once home you realized you had nowhere to put them except in a closet that sets next to the furnace. You decide to lease a self storage unit that specializes in wine storage or that offers climate control features. Some facilities provide temperature controlled cupboards or rooms with built-in wine racks. Other areas have underground caves that have been converted into storage facilities. These may work great for wine as they naturally remain at a cool and constant temperature. Wine needs to be kept cool, below seventy-five degrees, but the temperature must also remain fairly constant with only slight changes of about three degrees or less from day to day and five degrees or less per year. The ideal temperature is around fifty-four degrees. Humidity should also be kept around seventy percent to keep the cork moist. Higher humidity can cause problems. Other things to avoid are heat and vibration. Bottles should be stored flat rather than upright. If you plan to store fine wine, learn more about it. Different types of wines require different storage conditions.


Maybe you run a legal firm and have boxes of records that you are required by law to store. Although you have digital backups, you want to maintain some of the originals. Your business has taken off, so you just took on a new staff member. Unfortunately, the only unoccupied room was the file room. You need to give the new guy that room for his office. Moving to a larger facility would be costly, so you decide to save money by placing the bulk of your files into a storage facility. Although you checked into document storage companies that pick up, file, store and deliver your documents back to you as needed, you decided all you really need is a storage unit nearby where you can easily rummage for a needed document whenever you want. Documents require reliable protection from the elements. Moisture, even humidity, can cause them to yellow, curl or mold. Choose a climate controlled unit that protects against humidity.


You own a small antique store but have too much inventory. You love to search for treasures at flea markets and estate sales and on trips to places far and wide where you find unique artistry not found in your little corner of the world. In addition, people often come to you offering to sell family heirlooms that you know your customers would love to see on your shelves. Unfortunately, the high volume of inventory has put your displays in danger of moving from tasteful to gaudy. Your backroom leaves you with barely room to walk. The answer may be to find a self storage unit that specializes in helping businesses store their goods in a secure setting. Some companies provide shelving and loading ramps. Others offer air conditioned offices attached to self storage units or even storefronts for small business owners.


You recently inherited chests of old clothes hand stitched by your grandmother but have little room at home. You love the poodle skirts, prom dresses and doll clothes and have no desire to give them away, but you want to protect them. Moisture can damage clothing, so you choose to store your heirlooms in a climate controlled self storage unit in archival quality wardrobes. You hang what you can on thickly cushioned hangers and cover the outfits in cotton clothes bags.


In addition to climate control, the need for convenience has created another niche in the self storage marketplace. Some people do not want the hassle of renting a truck and moving items to a self storage facility and then moving them out, possibly just a short time later, but they still need storage. To simplify the process, some storage companies will bring the storage unit to you. Mobile storage units come in different sizes and generally look like a metal, room-sized box. Some have special locking systems to improve security. Others offer climate control features. Mobile storage companies will drop the unit in your business parking lot or your home's driveway. You can keep them there as long as you choose or have the company pick up the unit after you have filled it. They will take it to their storage headquarters where they are often stacked. You may need to call ahead when you visit the mobile storage site to give management time to place the unit where you can reach it. If you plan to move, the company can ship your self storage unit to your new home whether it is across town or in another region of the country. Some companies even provide a packing crew for an extra fee.

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