Self Storage for Santa's Helpers

Everyone knows that Santa's workshop is nestled within the snow capped mountains of the North Pole. All year long, Santa and his elves work diligently into the wee hours of the night building the finest toys, dipping chocolate drops and painting lollipops. Santa makes his list and checks it twice before the elves can load all the train sets, doll houses and candy canes into Santa's magical sleigh. Finally, their efforts and hard work have paid off as the reindeer line up to pull the sleigh. They are now ready for their much anticipated, enchanted sleigh ride on Christmas Eve. What everyone may not know is that to make his annual Christmas Eve delivery possible, Santa relies on his many helpers. Santa's helpers, a.k.a. mom and dad, grandparents and anyone giving Christmas gifts, work hard to make Christmas morning a special time for everyone. Santa's wisest and more experienced helpers have come to find that in order to work efficiently and quietly without interruption from curious-minded children, they need a workshop of their very own. A self storage unit can act as the perfect workshop for all of Santa's helpers.

How a self storage unit can make the perfect Santa's workshop

Young children often wonder how Santa gets all those toys inside his sleigh. The answer is that Santa's helpers assist Santa by purchasing many of the items on their child's Christmas list. Often these items are purchased at low sale prices at department stores and malls. Many self storage facilities are conveniently located near shopping malls. Shoppers can stop off at their self storage unit on their way home from the mall to drop off their packages. A self storage unit makes a great place to store packages to be wrapped at a later time. The unit can work as a great hiding place for toys. This will eliminate the possibility of anxious children snooping around the house to take a peek at their presents before Christmas morning. Mom and Dad will be happy to know that they can maintain that element of surprise right up until Christmas morning. Renting a self storage unit makes a great Santa's workshop. Santa's helpers will not only have a great place away from home to store their gifts, but a great place to assemble and wrap them as well. Traditionally, many parents have waited until the night before Christmas to assemble items such as bicycles. The noise from assembling bicycles and testing toys have often awakened children, who have then snuck downstairs while parents were distracted with assembling and wrapping their gifts. Children often got a sneak preview of their gifts, spoiling their surprise on Christmas morning. Using a self storage unit as a Santa's workshop gives parents a place away from home to assemble and wrap their gifts without the interruption of curious children. Santa's helpers will have more flexibility in assembling and wrapping gifts and won't have to wait until their children are in bed. Santa's helpers won't have to rush to get everything done at once. It's a good idea to test gifts such as remote control cars and electronic devices a few days before Christmas so there will be time to take them back and exchange them. How disappointing it would be for mom or dad to spend their hard earned money on that special gift on Tommy or Suzy's wish list, only to find out that it doesn't work properly and the item can't be exchanged because the store is sold out. Remember, children aren't the only ones who like to peek at their Christmas gifts. Kids of all ages are tempted to handle, shake, and even un-wrap their gifts to figure out what is inside. Using a self storage unit as a Santa's workshop can help ensure that Aunt Lucy's cashmere sweater and Uncle Winston's fishing rod remains a secret until it’s time for them to open their gifts. Converting a self storage unit into a Santa's workshop doesn't have to cost a fortune. Many self storage facilities offer discounted rates during the Christmas season as a way of saying “Happy Holidays.” They may also offer year-end specials where people can save money on leasing a unit for the upcoming New Year. Many self storage facilities offer flexible leasing plans as well. Many facilities will allow a renter to rent a unit for one month. This gives Santa's helper the perfect opportunity to set up their workshop in December to meet all of their holiday needs. However, if you’re like most folks who get their Christmas shopping done early, you will want to rent the unit two or three months ahead of time to accommodate all of your shopping and gift-giving needs. Look around when selecting the right unit to rent. Many facilities will offer discounted specials, such as the second month free, when signing a contract for three or more months.

Elf Storage means more than just Santa's workshop space

A storage unit will come in handy all year round. After the big day is over, you will have a handy place to store all of your Christmas decorations. Your Christmas tree won't have to take up space in your home's basement or attic; your storage unit will be just the right place to store it until you are ready to take it out next year. You can now go all out with your holiday decorations, like you have always dreamed of doing. Now you'll have the perfect place to store that 10-foot high fiber glass snowman and that larger-than-life nativity set. Entertaining guests? You may have to clear out more space in your home to accommodate them. A self storage unit will come in handy to store all of your excess household items to make your guests feel more comfortable.

Consider a climate-controlled self storage unit

When considering the perfect storage unit to rent for all of your holiday needs, you will want to consider a unit that offers climate control. This is especially important in areas where winter months are the coldest. When it’s cold outside, your unit will be kept at an even temperature usually between 50 and 80 degrees. Many items on your Christmas list will be sensitive to cold and moisture and those items will be safe inside a climate-controlled unit. Gift items such as electronics, TVs, DVD players, and toys are sensitive to cold temperatures. You'll want to be assured that when storing electronic items they'll be kept in good condition for gift giving. Other gift items such as clothing, candles, glass, plastic items, power tools and many others will also be best preserved in a climate-controlled unit. Climate-controlled units not only keep the temperature inside the unit even, it will also reduce humidity within the unit. Humidity causes excess moisture to build up which can damage stored items. Moisture not only damages your gifts, but can attract an infestation of bugs, mice, and even mold and mildew, which can ruin your gifts. Climate control will help ensure that your Christmas gifts will be in perfect condition on Christmas morning. Climate control will also enable Santa's helpers to stay warm when it’s cold outside. When unloading packages, assembling or wrapping gifts, you'll be able to stay warm inside the unit even on the coldest winter nights.

Self storage offers added security for your gifts

It never fails, every year before Christmas you will hear about it on the nightly news. Someone, somewhere has had their house broken into and had their family's Christmas gifts stolen, right from underneath their Christmas tree. Self storage facilities often offer more security features than can be found in an average home. Many facilities will offer the protection of security cameras, motion lights and security alarms. Some self storage facilities will also offer added security features such as gates and fences, keyless entry, security guards and even guard dogs. You can rest assured that your family's Christmas gifts will be protected from the Grinch this holiday season.

Santa, self storage for your business or non-profit

Many business and non-profit organizations catch the spirit of Christmas. Many businesses will adopt a family or families for Christmas. They will go out and purchase all the items on a family's wish list. Non-profits will often host annual toy drives at Christmas time. Businesses and non-profits alike will need a safe and convenient place to store all of these items. If you are part of your business or nonprofit's Christmas gift campaign, you may want to suggest that a self storage unit can offer your business the perfect storage solution. The advice on this website is provided as a courtesy for informational purposes only. “Storage Tips” are offered as-is and no warranty is expressed or implied. For more information, see StorageFront’s Terms and Conditions.