What is Mobile Storage?

Mobile storage adds a new dimension to traditional self storage options. Instead of driving your goods to a storage unit, mobile storage companies will bring the storage unit to you. They will remove the unit when you are done with it, or once you have packed it, they will take the unit and your belongings to their secure storage facility to be kept short- or long-term. In addition, if you move, they can transfer your storage unit to the next county or the opposite corner of the country. Each mobile storage company offers different features including varying sized units, climate control features that adjust temperature or compensate for humidity, different door configurations - one, one on both ends, or one or more in the middle - and of course, different prices. Units are available for home or business use. Doors can be fitted with added security features, depending on customer needs. For added security, the renter normally has the only key. Mobile storage units look like large metal crates or small train cars. They can be left on your lawn or driveway. You may fill them as quickly or slowly as you need. If you plan to do home renovations, you may find it helpful to use mobile storage units to hold furniture while you tear down a wall or paint the ceiling. As soon as you are done, you can return the items to their rightful place in the home without the hassle of renting a truck or driving back and forth to a storage facility. While goods are held at the storage facility, you can visit them and add or remove items. You may need to give notice before you stop by, though. Management may need to move your unit in order for you to access it as mobile storage companies often stack units on top of each other. The cost of mobile storage is competitive with other self storage options, but it does include the added cost of transportation fees. If you send the unit to the company for safekeeping or need the unit moved, you could incur additional expenses. Still, you may be surprised when you do a cost comparison. When moving, compare the costs of hiring a moving company or of renting you own truck to the prices charged by mobile storage companies. You may find that the costs are competitive but find the convenience of packing a mobile storage unit at your own pace to be invaluable. The advice on this website is provided as a courtesy for informational purposes only. "Storage Tips" are offered as-is and no warranty is expressed or implied. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.