Bicycle Care and Storage

Bicycles give hours of enjoyment, yet act as a great tool to make exercise fun for people of all ages. They also take up space and must be well maintained in order to prevent accidents and injury. Perhaps you live in a cold climate and want to store your children's bicycles for the winter, or maybe you have several bikes for different purposes but you only use one regularly. Whether you need to store a bicycle for the season, wish to maintain that multi-colored remnant of yesteryear with the banana seat and streamers that you got when you were nine, or just want to keep your favorite exercise aid in good working order, you will need to take a few steps to properly care for and store your bike.

  • First, you must keep it dry. Sure, bicycles are designed to handle a little rain, even snow, but constant exposure to the elements can rust chains or crack tires. If you hang your bike in a garage, consider purchasing a bike storage system that attaches to the walls or ceilings. This will relieve pressure from the tires and joints. If you do not plan to use the bike for awhile or simply do not have the garage space to store your equipment, consider moving your bicycles to a self storage unit. If you are not allowed to place hooks on the walls or ceiling of your unit, look for a storage rack that doesn't require this type of permanent commitment but that will support the frame and get it off the floor.
  • Be sure to clean the bike before you place it in storage. Wipe and polish the metal and reflectors. Remove mud and grit from the wheels, joints, brakes, gears and the teeth of the chain.
  • Lubricate your bicycle thoroughly with machine oil or one made especially for bikes. Click the gears, pump the pedals and spin the tires to make sure the oil reaches all moving parts.
  • Look for damage. Remove cracked or worn tires, and check for fraying in the gear or brake wires or problems with the chain. If your bicycle has a light, make sure the bulb works. Repairs can be made now or when you next use your bicycle, but be aware of problems and plan for a trip to the shop for more intricate repairs.
  • If you plan to store your bicycle for long, consider covering it with a cloth to protect it from dust or sunlight.
  • Store bicycle accessories like headgear, gloves and tools nearby.
  • Finally, give the bicycle a test spin when you take it out of storage. Move the wheels and brakes and ride it at low speeds to make sure it feels right and that the chain or gears have not worn out.

With a little attention, your bicycles can work great for years. To find a self storage unit near home where you can store your bicycle equipment, visit StorageFront.

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