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Collecting Antiques and Self Storage AuctionsCollecting antiques can be exciting and profitable. Some people collect antiques as a hobby while others make a living at buying and selling them. Part of the fun of searching for antiques is that they are often found in the most unexpected places.

A person who's interested in collecting antiques may start by simply visiting a local garage or yard sale. A valuable book or doll may be found packed away in a box of items that is part of the sale. A local auction featuring a houseful of possessions is another place to visit when searching for antiques. In short, a beginning collector doesn't have to travel far from home to start their search for antiques.

The list of items that can be sold as antiques is almost endless. Books, bottles, cars, dishes, dolls, furniture, and trains are just a few of the categories. The general rule is that an item becomes an antique if it is 100 years or older.

However, it's important to remember that not every 100 plus year old item is valuable. For instance, a person may find a toy made over a century ago packed away in a basement box. In terms of age, the doll qualifies as an antique, but the condition of the item must be considered. For example, has the doll been preserved well or is it cracked and broken? Are the doll's clothes intact? Is the doll a rare model or were a many of them manufactured? In short, the age of the item is just one factor to consider when evaluating it.

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If an antique is in poor condition, it will likely affect its value. Consequently, it's important to take care in storing antique items. For instance, dolls and toys should be stored in a place where they will not be crushed or damaged. Books need to be stored in an atmosphere where they will not be exposed to water or a damp atmosphere. In other words, a certain amount of care taken when storing an antique could benefit the owner if they choose to sell one day.

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Antique clubs are an excellent way to find out the latest information on the particular item a person is interested in collecting. Belonging to an antique club is also an effective way to share information with fellow collectors. For instance, if a person has a question about an antique another club member may have the answer. Subscribing to a publication on antiques is another avenue for someone who wants to keep up with the latest collector's news.

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Someone interested in antiques or determined to locate a particular one, will often become very creative in their search. Yard sales, local auctions, church rummage sales, used library book sales, second hand shops, and garage sales are just a few of the places where a tenacious antique collector may find unexpected treasure.

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