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Portland, OR: Top Things to Know About Storage

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We don’t expect you to know everything about storage; that’s what we’re here for. If you’re new at this, it’s perfectly normal to have no idea where you should look or what you should even look for. There are 255 storage facilities in Portland and you can search more than half of them

The Inside Scoop

We don’t expect you to know everything about storage; that’s what we’re here for. If you’re new at this, it’s perfectly normal to have no idea where you should look or what you should even look for. There are 255 storage facilities in Portland and you can search more than half of them through StorageFront to compare prices and features. That means that there are about 140,250 individual units available for rent. There are about 600,000 people living in Portland, but not every single one of them needs storage. Some people rent as a couple, as a family or as roommates and some people don’t rent at all. The most important thing that influences an individual when it comes to choosing a storage facility is location. People tend not to rent more than a few miles from where they live. But as a local, you know even better than we do that while the cost of living in Portland is a breath of fresh air when compared to San Francisco and New York City, it’s on the rise. We recommend opening yourself up to the possibility of renting storage a little outside of your comfort zone (as in five or ten miles away from your apartment instead of one or two) if you want to save money.

Here’s another newbie tip: Storage unit leases are typically month-to-month and are much more flexible than that lease on your apartment. In fact, the most common use of storage is as a short term fix in between moves, so even if the cost of your storage unit takes away from your hipster donut fund (We recommend Blue Star Donuts over the vastly overrated Voodoo Doughnut, by the way.), you can consider it a very temporary financial constraint.

So how much space do you need anyway? And how much should you pay for it? If you’re a Portlander with roommates and a cluttered common area, you probably only need an extra closet. A 5x5 unit should cover it. Nationally, they rent for around $50 a month. In Portland, depending on how centrally located you need your storage unit to be, you can expect to tack on about an extra $20 to that. Split the unit with one of your roommates to keep the cost low. If you’ve got a whole house’s worth of furniture but the cost of urban living has forced you into a smaller home than you’d like, you’ll probably want at least a 10x10 sized unit. A good price on this size in Portland is anything under $200 a month.

A True Portlander Goes Out in Anything

You might think that Portland’s Pacific Northwest status and proximity to Seattle make for rain, rain and nothing but rain. The good news is you’re wrong. Summers in Portland are actually very dry and hot and the city only sees about 36 inches of rain a year. The bad news? Those 36 inches of rain occur over a period of 155 days. Living in Portland you’re going to see a lot of overcast skies and a lot of drizzle but not much downpour. As a local, you’ll get used to it and you’ll start hiking in it, biking in it and even ditching your umbrella. We don’t want you to apply this same logic to your storage unit. If you’re storing books, artwork, a musical instrument or a highly beloved bike, avoid renting a non-climate controlled outdoor unit. Rainwater can seep under the door and moisture from the air can do irreparable damage to your belongings. Instead, choose an indoor unit and/or a unit that offers climate control, especially if you’re someone who like to toss things into storage and forget about them for a while.

A Wine Snob Needs Wine Storage

Forget about that oaky Chardonnay your friends from California are always raving about. You know that a true wine enthusiast is well versed in the grapes of Oregon. If you’re roadtripping along the coast of the Pacific Northwest and picking up nice bottles from local vineyards, wine storage can offer you an excellent solution for preserving your collection. Many cities have storage facilities that offer wine storage, but Portland has a storage facility that actually specializes in this. For lovers of vino, Rose City Self Storage and Wine Vaults is a lifesaver. They offer wine storage solutions in various sizes so that your collection has room to grow. For only $22 a month, you can storage 16 cases. For $92, you can store 112 cases. They offer extended hours, so that you can access your wine pretty much whenever you need to (perfect for the crazy schedule of a restaurant or bar owner). They also offer wine shipping supplies and can accept shipments on your behalf, so if you’re in the wine business, you don’t have to spend all of your time running to and from your storage unit. And hey, if you prefer hops over grapes, don’t forget that Portland has more microbreweries than anywhere in the world. Read our advice on storing booze if you’re in the industry, or even if you’re just a connoisseur of liquor.

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Storage FAQ's

  • Should I rent a drive-up or interior storage unit?

    Drive-up storage units are typically more expensive and not as clean as interior units. Drive-up units are more exposed to the elements (water, dust, etc.) and are therefore not as clean as interior units. Interior units, on the other hand, have a much better climate. Essentially, the desire to rent a drive-up unit comes from clients thinking that they will be visiting their unit very frequently, which is surprisingly not the case. Most people don't come to their units as often as they think they will, so given the cost and cleanliness issues, it's better to rent an interior storage unit.

  • What access will I have to my belongings?

    You have 80 facilities to choose from in Portland. Access hours range from 8 to 24 hours a day. Please contact your local facility for more specific information about your unit.

  • Do you have advice on how to pack my storage space?

    Yes, storage managers can provide you with tips and techniques on how to most efficiently utilize your storage space. Their hope is that you can have easy access to your items and that your storage space is worth every penny of your money.

  • Will I receive a monthly invoice?

    Most storage companies in Portland only provide invoices upon request.

  • Do you have different policies and prices for students or active military members?

    Students and active military members are clients that have unique needs because of the nature of their schedules. Most storage facilities in Portland offer discounts to students, and discounts and different policies for active military members. Please call your local facility or see our students and active military members pages to get detailed and updated information.

  • Do you have pest control?

    Most facilities in Portland schedule professional pest control services every month, and twice a month during summer months.

  • What if I need more or less space after I move in?

    Once you move in and feel that you need to move into a smaller or bigger space, storage facilities are happy to accommodate your move. Before renting a space, it is recommended that you speak to a storage facility representative to help you find the best sized unit for your needs. If things change through the course of your lease, they will help make the transition to your next unit as efficient and simple as possible. We also have a size guide that may answer some preliminary questions you may have.

  • Do you sell boxes and moving supplies?

    Yes, most storage facilities sell boxes of various sizes, tape, bubble wrap, labels, and other items for your packing and moving needs.

  • Do you accept deliveries for customers?

    Most storage facilities in Portland accept deliveries for their customers so that they don't have to go through the process of moving every time they need something to be placed in their storage units. They will keep your items in the office and will inform you when they arrive so that you can place them in your storage unit at your convenience.

  • How long is the lease and what are its terms?

    Storage companies in Portland offer a month-to-month lease. If for some reason you would like to cancel your lease during a particular month, please contact one of the facility managers to assist you.

  • How do I know what size storage I need?

    Storage managers would be happy to help you determine which size unit is best for you so that you're not paying for a 10' X 30' unit when you really need a 2' X 4' unit. Please reference our size guide for more information.

  • What options do I have for payments? What forms of payment do you accept?

    Most storage facilities accept cash, credit cards, or checks. Always ask about autopay, it's faster and much more convenient.

  • What storage space sizes are available?

    In Portland, there are 80 storage facilities, with a total of 45 storage units. Storage unit sizes generally range from 2' X 4' to 10' X 30'. Call one of your local facilities to have a representative find what size unit is best for you.

  • Will the company have access to my space?

    No, no one in the storage facilities has access to your space unless you specifically ask them or give them the right to do so. For example, you may want them to have access to your unit for things you may want delivered directly to your unit.

  • Is there anything unique to keep in mind when choosing a storage facility in Portland?

    Some factors to keep in mind when choosing a storage facility in Portland are: weather, peak rush hour times, items that you will be storing, and location within Portland.

  • If I lose my key, can you provide another one?

    No, storage facility employees do not have copies of the keys used for the units. If you lose your key, check with the facility for lock cutting fees. They may also be able to sell another lock and key to you.

  • What security measures are taken to protect the storage units?

    Security is every storage operator's priority. Speak with the storage manager of a facility of your liking in Portland to find out what security measures they take to protect your belongings.

  • Do you provide your customers with movers?

    No, storage facilities do not provide movers. However, managers and team members would be happy to provide you with a list of reliable and reasonably priced movers in Portland. See our resource guide for movers in Portland.

  • Do I need insurance for my storage unit?

    We recommend that you get insurance for your belongings because the contents of the units are not insured through storage facilities.

  • Can I rent climate-controlled spaces in Portland?

    Yes, climate-controlled spaces are available in Portland due to the varying weather. Temperatures range from 42.44 to 46.4, which can dramatically affect things in your storage unit. For storing items such as wine, wooden items, electronics, metals, artwork, etc. storage facilities recommend that you rent a climate-controlled unit. For questions and more details, please contact a local facility.

  • What are the prices of the storage spaces? Are prices based on the square footage of the storage space?

    Generally the prices of storage units in Portland vary based on the size of the storage unit and the location of the unit in the facility. Prices range between 22.0 and 569.0, but representatives can better assist you once they have the details of your storage needs.

Portland, OR Military StorageViewHide

Portland, OR Military Storage

Portland isn’t known for it’s huge military presence, but we know that if you’re a soldier, the military in Portland is still huge to you. Troops are rarely relocated to Portland for any kind of long term stationing, but when they are they can take advantage of the area’s rich outdoor activities, diverse cultural offerings and flexible storage options at more than 100 different facilities. Whether you’re a part of the 142nd Fighter Wing at the Portland Air National Guard Base or you’re at Station Portland protecting the Oregon coast and beyond, we’ve got the details on how storage in Portland affects military users.

Storage on the Go

As a military member, you know exactly what a crazy schedule looks like. At some point during your career, you’ve probably been relocated even if just temporarily for training purposes. We think that your storage facility should be just as flexible as you are. Luckily, storage facilities offer month-to-month leases for the most part, making your commitment level to your unit pretty minimal. Another thing that makes your life even easier is online bill pay. The last thing you have time for when traveling is dropping off a check or running over to your storage facility to swipe a credit card. Another way to make your storage facility fit your needs is to choose a facility that allows for 24 hour access. If you don’t work a 9 to 5 schedule, it makes no sense to rent at a facility that only allows for 9 to 5 access.

Weapons Storage and Climate Control

If you’ve got a personal firearm, you’ve got a few different options for gun storage if you can’t or don’t want to store it at home. Because neither base in the Portland area offers housing, you won’t be dealing with trying to store it there. Your first option is to talk to storage facilities near you and see whether or not they allow you to store weapons there. Many will not, and the few that will allow you to will not allow you to store ammunition. You can also contact gun stores and see about storing with them. If the only thing you’re storing is a weapon, you don’t exactly need a 10x10 space, so look for facilities that have lockers available, as these are just the right size for your needs and they’re usually pretty cheap.

Storage and Deployment

Sometimes even when you take advantage of online bill pay or trust in someone else to make sure your storage unit rent gets paid while you’re deployed, things go wrong. You may assume that the military is going to punish you and dock or pay and that the storage facility is going to auction off your stuff. While both of these situations can and certainly do happen, they’re not always supposed to happen. We don’t expect you to read a bunch of boring documents on lien laws, so let’s just fill you in on what you need to know. Thanks to a little thing called the Servicemember Civil Relief Act, that storage facility can’t necessarily auction off your belongings if you lapse on paying rent. It’s illegal, and let’s be honest, it doesn’t make the storage facility look very good. Obviously you would never use this as an excuse to not pay for your storage unit, but it’s something to remember if you ever do find yourself deployed.

Portland, OR RV and Boat StorageViewHide

Portland, OR RV and Boat Storage

With its lush forests, urban rose gardens, award winning craft beer scene and massive farmers’ markets, Portland is the city with something for everybody. It’s hip but still approachable and while you can spend your entire life wandering around downtown’s vintage shops and eclectic food trucks, you can also use Portland as a jumping off point to Pacific coast day trips and Mt. Hood camping adventures. In short, it’s a great place to own an RV or boat. But therein lies the conundrum. It’s not necessarily a great place to park an RV or boat. Instead of getting towed or incurring the wrath of your landlord, why not store that extra vehicle? Let’s talk about how it works.

The Essentials of RV and Boat Storage

Let’s be real. RV and boat storage is scarce in Portland. Sadly, this is the case in a lot of cities. It’s our hope that this specialized type of storage will eventually become more widely available, but for now let’s deal with the situation at hand. RV and boat storage comes in a few different shapes and sizes. There’s the parking lot style of storage, which is basically just extra space on a facility’s property. It’s pretty basic and might not be covered or even have lines defining which spot is yours. As you might imagine, this is the cheapest option. On the other end of the spectrum, there are facilities that will offer you enclosed storage for your RV or boat. This usually includes a personalized alarm system and climate control. In a city like Portland, beggars can’t be choosers. You’re most likely going to end up with an open-air spot. In addition to setting your sights on whatever you can get, you should also call around to facilities outside of Portland. Generally, the further away you get from the center of a city, the more RV and boat storage space is available.

Off Season Storage

First things first: If you’re stowing your RV or boat away for the winter, line your spot up as far in advance as your storage facility will allow you to. Next, prepare your RV or boat so that it won’t suffer any damage from the cooler temperatures and constant drizzle. You won’t need to take quite as dramatic steps as you would if you were living somewhere colder like Colorado, but you should still take precautions so that your RV or boat is ready to go once you are. Make sure you clean it out thoroughly, taking care to check cabinets and other spaces where perishable items are often forgotten. Another thing you’ll want to think about during the off season (and all seasons for that matter) is what kind of security measures your facility is taking to protect your RV or boat. A responsible facility will have a few of these features in their security system: 24 hour cameras, fences, gated access and staff members who walk around the property several times a day. Self storage security should put you at ease so that the only thing you have to worry about is your own insurance policy for your extra vehicle. Speaking of which, before you put your RV or boat into storage, take time to review this and make sure that you’re covered against natural disasters and other mishaps.

Storage for the Outdoorsman in You

If you’re an RV or boat owner, chances are that you’ve got a decent collection of gear for all of those weekend warrior adventures. You might feel tempted to store those extra items (hiking equipment, rafting stuff, climbing rope) inside of your RV while it’s parked in storage. In the short term, it seems like a great fix. You’re a genius, right? You’re using your RV as a storage unit! Sorry to burst your bubble, but unless your RV happens to be magically climate-controlled (or you’re a crazy person who’s running power to it all winter), you’re going to want a separate unit for that stuff. Outdoor gear, especially items like climbing harnesses and rope which are there to keep you safe, should be treated gently when not in use. Fortunately, small, climate-controlled spaces are cheaper than RV and boat storage and they’re a lot easier to find. You can grab an indoor, heated 5x5 unit at West Coast Self Storage for $74 a month. It’s enough space for a backpack, sleeping bag, tent, climbing gear and plenty of other things. There’s probably even enough room for a friend’s stuff, which will cut your rent in half. Just make sure not to store the propane that you use for your backpacking stove or camp stove. Even during Portland’s cooler season, combustible items are a definite no-no.

Portland, OR University StorageViewHide

Portland, OR University Storage

Rainy days and ample coffee shops make Portland the ideal place to curl up with a good book for a month or six. If you’re a bibliophile who looks forward to great studying weather, then college in a place where everyone’s just as well-read as you are makes perfect sense. Whatever school you choose, your living situation, interests and academic pursuits are likely to fluctuate during your college years. Believe it or not, the stresses of all of these scenarios can be eased through storage. Don’t worry if you’ve never rented a unit before and aren’t sure what you need to know. We’re here to give you a free lesson in storage. We promise there won’t even be a test at the end.

Storage Near Your School

As a college student, you don’t necessarily have a car. While that’s practically a disaster in some other west coast cities (ahem, Los Angeles), in Portland it’s totally cool. So cool in fact that you might never need a car. The city is very into going green, which makes biking, walking and public transportation all excellent options. You can search 105 facilities in Portland through StorageFront. Most people tend to look for space within a mile or two of where they live, but if you’re on a budget, don’t be afraid to expand your search radius and include areas that are accessible by public transportation. Many facilities offer truck rental, so even if you need to make a few trips to and from your storage unit that require you to haul loads that aren’t bus friendly, you can still store wherever you like. If you want to keep things as close to your school as possible (hooray for walking), try Central Self Storage if you’re studying at Portland State University. They offer 24 hour cameras, boxes and supplies and online bill pay. If you’re studying at Lewis and Clark College, you’re going to have a little bit of a harder time finding storage that’s walking distance from your school, but you can still find storage at a place like West Coast Storage, which is just five miles away. They offer indoor, heated units along with a wide range of size options and flexible leases. The same goes for if you’re studying at Reed College. Central Self Storage and West Coast Storage are both good options for you, the former being five miles away and the latter being eight. If you’re studying at the University of Portland, storing at SafeGard Mini Storage just two miles away is perfect for you. They offer drive up access (that means no carrying heavy items a long distance to and from your car) and competitive prices. SafeGard Mini Storage is also just two miles from Concordia University .

Bookworms, Rain and Storage

Whether you’ve got a seriously epic Shakespeare collection or just the standard textbooks, you’ve probably never been schooled in how to properly store books. Let us be the first. In a rainy climate like Portland, it’s important to pack and store your books in a way that preserves them. This is especially important if you’re going to be gone all summer and won’t be visiting your storage unit until fall. The best thing you can do to safeguard your personal reading collection and all of those ridiculously overpriced textbooks is to choose a facility that offers climate control. Thankfully, you’ll notice that many facilities in Portland (much more so than other cities) offer indoor, heated units. If you’re storing in an outside unit, or even if you have a climate-controlled unit and you’re feeling super cautious, take care of those books by packing them in boxes that won't absorb moisture. Instead of using cardboard boxes, use plastic totes. And make sure that you never place books directly on the ground of your storage. This will leave them vulnerable to damage from flooding which isn’t exclusively caused by rainfall. In fact, several facility managers that we spoke with told us that they see more flooding as a result of items improperly stored in neighboring units (like a fridge that hasn’t been defrosted prior to storage). If this happens to your stuff, your facility manager will call you. Keep books and other important items off the ground of your storage unit and if in the rare case that you do receive that phone call, it won’t ruin your day.
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