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Secure Self Storage

2829 W 21st St, Brooklyn, NY, 11224

Gate Hours Now Open
  • MON - SAT9am - 7pm
  • SUN10am - 5pm

Storage Customer Reviews

Alexander Melnik

4 years ago
Ive been to three other storage facility in the same area for the past year. None of them can stand up to the Secure Self Storage in terms of price, convenience of access and professionalism of the storage personnel. When we moved in, the facility provided as with their truck, free of charge. This saved us a lot of money. Also, we have been pleasantly surprised that the facility has a docking platform which makes a process of unloading boxes from a track very convenient. Carts to move things around are everywhere. Thus, everything was at my disposal to move in a quickly and pleasant manner. In addition, this is the only facility in our neighborhood that offers 24/7 access. There is nothing better than this option for me, as I dont need to rush after work to be able to get access to my unit before the storage office closes its doors. We have not only enjoyed a low rent rate, comparing to other facilities, but also got lucky to win a month of free rent by participating in a monthly lottery. In addition, there was no problem to switch from one unit to another once I realized I need more room for my belongings. The storage personnel is very professional and friendly, displaying positive attitude every time I walk in to their office. They even help me with accepting mail deliveries, I prefer now to be sent to my storage unit address since there is always somebody present to accept mail. The bottom line, in any regards, this is the best storage facility in the Southern Brooklyn.

Ali Mammadov

1 year ago
very secure place.

Richard Zeitz

5 years ago
Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. Took the time to explain everything and show me around. Space was clean and facilities extremely convenient. Would recommend Secure Self Storage to anyone who cares about a personal touch and the small things.

Vardan Egiazarian

4 years ago
I am using this storage more then a year and it is good place to store your staff . The employes are very friendly and will help you with any question. Thanks Guys You are the best

Vadim Abdrakhmanov

7 months ago
Place seemed clean and safe enough to store some belongings while moving to another state

Vladimir Stoyanov

5 months ago
They offer mail service and got great rates on storage.

Mishanya Veselyi

1 year ago
Not expensive storage. Make sure to bring your id, they will keep it in case if you want rent a hand truck.

Tarim Libon

3 years ago
You probably think: how much can be in a storage place? Well there is, from the attitude of the people who work there, to the availability of the place. This place is open 24-7, so you do not have to rush, you can get access to your staff whenever you need it. The people are very friendly, and they actually give you a feeling that they like their job. Worth a review...

Shenell Williams

5 years ago
When i needed to move, i had a bunch of stuff that i didn't have space for at my new apartment. Secure storage was the best and affordable option at the time and i have been happy with their service since. The facility is clean and the staff pretty friendly and truly great for the price. i would definitely recommend.

Jose Vazquez

10 months ago
Very clean location knowledgeable & friendly staff also.

Vasant Sagram

1 year ago
Staff not too nice except for one woman by the name Fabian.

V Stolyarov

1 year ago
Good luck trying to access your stuff. This place closes randomly and if you arrive half an hour before closing time, you may not gain access.

Andrey Aleksyeenko

1 day ago
Location is convenient located and i like the stuff but huge minus is 24 HOUR ACCESS - I am the contractor and time to time i need my tools or any other accessories early in the morning but have to wait till 9 am for them to open

A Maxey

1 year ago
DO NOT STORE HERE! Unless you want your stuff to be infested with RATS, ROACHES, MOTHS and God knows what else!!! They are rude, incompetent and disgusting there. Stay away unless you just don't care about your stuff. We put nice things in our unit and did not store many items. We bagged up 4 extra large trash bags of things that were ruined by rats, roaches and moths. Absolutely disgusting!! NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!!!!!

Jose Rivero

11 months ago
Customer service is terrible. Not helpful at all.

Svjetlana B

6 months ago
INFESTED WITH MICE FACILITY!!!!!!!!! DO NOT STORE HERE!!!!!!!!If I would have option To post photos I would post them here so that you can see!

kevin Davis

3 months ago
I have had my things in Secure Self Storage for at least 4yrs now. Usaually my experience with them is a good one. However, yesterday experience was not good at all. I'm not sure if the supervisor Sherwin was having a bad or not but he was VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I tried explaining to him the reason for my call but he kept interrupting and not allowing me to talk....Their system has been down (now making my payment very late) and during that time I've been trying to pay my bill by card over the phone. When I finally got to spkn to him he didn't own up to the fact that their system was down and an inconvenient. He treated me as if it was my fault that their system was down and I should've jumped over hurdles to get my bill paid. Now due to the unprofessionalism I will be removing my belonging from this storage facility the 1st opportunity I get. A dissatisfied custome!!!
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Steven G.

5 years ago
The service at Secure Self Storage is great. The employees are so nice, and friendly to me. The fees are the lowest around. The place is clean and there...
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Storage Facility Amenities5 Amenities

  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Climate Control
  • Drive-up Access
  • Online Bill Pay
  • 24 Hour Cameras