• Small View See what fits!

    • 5' x 5' Unit Standard
      Store seasonal items, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
  • Medium View See what fits!

    • 10' x 10' Unit Standard
      Nice for college students, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
    • 10' x 15' Unit Standard
      Great for holiday decorations, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
  • Large View See what fits!

    • 10' x 20' Unit Standard
      Excellent for 2BR apartments, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
    • 10' x 25' Unit Standard
      Good for household storage, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
  • Extra Large View See what fits!

    • 10' x 30' Unit Standard
      Ideal for larger items, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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Storage Customer Reviews

Priscilla Oliver

1 year ago
I had a great experience with this storage facility.. They have a variety of unit sizes.. I chose what I thought was a "large enough".. Once there, realizing it was to small, we were accommodated with a much larger unit with NO hassles.. All are Clean units.. Competitive rates with NO hidden fees.. Easily accessible from the highway. Highly suggest!!

ken adams

1 year ago
This storage facility is very clean. They have great customer service. I had to be out of my place in one day. They hooked me up with a truck and storage quickly. I'm very pleased with this storage! And a special thanks to Destiny at the Brookville Storage Facility who has made being a customer here very pleasurable.

Shelle hampton

1 year ago
Have been renting with Brookville Road Self Storage since March of this year and I do not have any complaints at all. Destiny is very nice with great customer service! They are very affordable, would recommend to friends and family!

Stephen Trotter

1 year ago
Super customer service and great access to I-465 off of Brookville Rd and all who live on the SE side of Indy. Units are also clean and secure!

Danielle Green-Southerland

1 year ago
This place is very reasonable to work with you love it

John Leslie

3 months ago
All we ask of our customers is to keep the property clean pay their bill on time we are open 24 hours a day with a automated kiosk

Ryan L.

3 months ago
Affective immediately, we are putting a new manager in place!! After reviewing google reviews!!!!

Joe Tevault

3 months ago
Needed a unit quick and they were at extremely helpful and got me right in they also had a move in Truck to use which was a huge saving as anyone knows how much a uhaul cost also really like there locking system which is like a deadbolt so there is nothing to cut made me feel safe thank you for all your help and look forward to doing business with I for got a long time

Vicki Martin

1 month ago
Needed storage faculty after hours. Used the kiosk which was very helpful and easy to use. The following day Missy, the office manager, followed up with me the following day and gave me a new gate code. Faculty was very well kept.

Aric Reider

11 months ago
I had a great experience with them and Amy made it very nice to deal with. Thanks

Bobby Jones

2 months ago
Hey Adrian kellt I'm the who's unit you took a pic of and I'm not the one that was with you so that means you were standing in my unit with the thief. So if you can identify the person you was with please the storage place and let them know.

Jonathan Barnes

3 months ago
it is disheartening to see this property go from brand new, state of the art amenities; to a neglected and forgotten storage facility. I helped build it's stellar reputation online and in person and I hate that the customer service is none at all. tragic, really

Tamieka Roberts

9 months ago
I am beyond pissed!!!!! No one is ever in the office. I have seen the perverted ass maintenance man more than I have seen leasing staff. This is my second issue with these people. I paid my storage rent on January 9. I am here January 19, 10 days later and my unit is double locked!! I cannot get in to access documents that I need to send out today! When I called it was told I had to wait until tomorrow for a response. WTF

Stephanie Johnson

1 year ago
I first got the unit Oct/2015, my rent has gone up twice in less than a year, from the original 54.00 for the 5x10, to now 67.00 for my 5x10. They claim its property tax increases...Absolutely ridiculous prices! Also, my very first receipt when I paid in Oct/2015 showed I was paid up until the end of Nov/2015. Since there had not been anyone in the office for months, I went off of my receipt. Then I started getting calls and late notices saying they were going to sell my belongings if I did not pay for November plus all the late fees they tacked on. For November with late fees I was looking at 154.00. They never refunded me for the month of November, and stated it was my fault that I believed THEIR system!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS FACILITY!!!!! Also, you HAVE to give a 15 day move out notice or they still charge for the next month. I WILL NEVER STORE HERE AGAIN!!!!

T Kelly

3 months ago
Our unit was robbed for over $12,000. We tried to contact manager for a week, stopped by 3 times to find no one there, and was denied access to our unit to make police report. When talking to OWNER, he accused us of robbing our own unit (which is all video recorded). He admits on the video, 2 of his clients accessed the property with box trucks and that our pin was not entered. These clients supposedly only accessed their units but told us there are no camares except at entrance. And could not see units accessed. So contradicted himself. Did not try to help out what so ever, just made things harder and called us theives and liars. Didn't try to accommodate us all..not that I'm looking but a simple apology would have been courtous. We are contacting a lawyer.

Adrian Kellt

2 months ago
Went to check on my recently robbed unit when the tenant in the unit right next to me he told me he was the one who reported my unit to the facility at 3:55 on June 19 witch is also the day they told me witch means they don't even check the units so I decided to drive around to check the place out found a nother forced entry where the lock was cut out just as mine was then saw a guy loading his unit and warned him he opened his door and the wall was busted were you could get into the unit right next to it we looked across that unit and that wall was busted also and I find it very funny they won't help solve this issue in a business that deals with customers they should know customer comes first if you do rent here get insurance. I'm still very upset they accused me of breaking in my own unit. Have it on digital recorder wow

Logan Bogard

4 weeks ago
This facility never answers any emails. They keep raising the price of the units and units get broken into.
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Storage Facility Amenities9 Amenities

  • Business Center
  • Climate Control
  • Drive-up Access
  • Mobile Storage
  • Online Bill Pay
  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Truck Rental
  • RV, Car, Boat
  • Wine Storage