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Why a Storage Unit is Better than Your Garage

Jon Fesmire | March 15, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

Garages are great. They add value to your home and give you extra space. When you have things to store, you can simply put them in your garage and get them out any time you like.

However, there are actually some good reasons to store your valuables in a self storage facility rather than your garage. Let’s go over the realities of both.

Climate Control

This is the big one, right up front. Most garages don’t have any sort of climate control, and few have insulation. That means whatever you keep in there gets exposed to the highest and lowest temperatures, and the highest and lowest humidity, in your climate. That makes them susceptible to warping, cracking, mold, and mildew.

Per square foot, self storage is inexpensive, and most facilities offer units with climate control, which only adds about 25% to 30% to the overall cost.


It’s true. A self storage unit will never beat your garage in terms of accessibility. You can get things from your garage at any time of the day or night.

However, access to self storage may be better than you realize. Storage facilities are everywhere these days. Chances are, there’s one within a few blocks of your house. Also, many have extended hours. Look for facilities that open early and stay open late. Some are even open 24 hours a day.

What do you keep in your garage that you frequently need access to? Whatever it is, keep it in your garage, and protect the items you don’t use as often by putting them in self storage.


Speaking of protection, self storage facilities tend to be much safer than personal garages. Your garage surely has a lock, but what else protects it? If you have home security, that helps, but still a thief is just one door away from your stuff.

Self storage facilities have many layers of security. They have high walls, gated access, video monitoring, locked buildings, extra lighting, alarms, and sometimes even security guards. Some facilities even have each unit individually alarmed, so that if someone breaks into yours, the facility knows immediately where the thief is.

We take security very seriously in the self storage industry. Of course, you should compare facilities. Find out if the facility runs criminal background checks on tenants, and ask about alarms, locks, and whatever else concerns you.

Car Insurance

Originally, garages were meant to store cars. More and more though, people use them for storage and leave their cars in the driveway.

Here’s what you probably don’t realize. Your car insurance could be lower if you put your car in the garage instead. Keeping your car outside leaves it vulnerable to damage and theft. Contact your car insurance company and ask how much you could save if you kept your car in the garage. Sure, it won’t be enough to pay for a self storage unit, but it’s another good reason to use your garage for its original purpose and put your clutter into a storage unit.

Overall, if you decide to move your stored belongings out of your garage and into a self storage unit, you’ll pay more per month. However, consider how much safer your stuff will be. Your items will suffer less weather damage, be less prone to theft, and you may save money on your car insurance.

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