What Unit Size is Right for You?

Lisa Finholm | April 28, 2010 @ 1:13 PM

The size of your self storage rental may not seem like a critical issue. But the wrong size can put you in a tight spot. Let’s first consider what you’re storing. Try using StorageFront’s self storage space calculator. Go ahead, click the link. Pretty nifty, isn’t it? When choosing the right unit size, think of space in terms of logic. How much space will you really need? Let’s use a couch as an example. Input a couch into the storage calculator, and hit “Recalc.” Did your results match mine?  The suggested storage unit size is one 5x10 space. You’ll notice, from the diagram, that you’ve only filled roughly half of the space in the unit. Input other belongings and see where the space calculator takes you. Feel better about clearing that old couch and making room for a new one? The purpose of self storage is to make life easier and less cluttered for you. Consider renting a drive-up unit, or a unit on a ground floor, to make the relocation of that couch easier on your muscles as well. For protection, also consider bubble or stretch wrap to prevent damage during the move, and to help preserve the upholstery.

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