What to Get Rid of After College

Jon Fesmire | May 22, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

There’s nothing quite like college life. Those four years are a period of intense learning, making friends and figuring out what you want to do after you graduate. They’re also a time when most of us live on a tight budget and enjoy casual university culture which includes cheap furniture, going to class in your sweats, and so on.

Once you graduate, it’s time to get rid of certain items from your college years. Here are the top items to consider selling, recycling, donating, or storing.


If you have textbooks, you can sell them if they’re in good condition. Your university may have a buyback program, but if not (or if they’ve deemed your textbook version out of date) try selling them via Amazon, to TextbookRush, or donating them to a local library.


Bookcases are cumbersome to move and easy to replace. Give away yours to a new student or donate to a local thrift store. When you move into a new home, check out your local Habitat For Humanity Restore or another thrift store for great prices on sturdy bookcases.


Over your college career you’ve probably collected a lot of t-shirts. If you like wearing them in your daily life, then keep some, but get rid of those that are growing thin or have developed holes from frequent runs through the wash. Look for nearby places that recycle clothing, like USAgain. Ah yes, the same goes for old sweats.

Sheets, Blankets, and Towels

If your sheets, blankets and towels are in good shape, you may want to keep them. Maybe you’ve been sleeping on a twin sized bed all this time, though, and you’re ready to get a queen. If so, it’s time to get rid of the sheets for sure.


As mentioned, if you’re still sleeping in a twin sized bed, you’ll want to upgrade to a queen or even a king. So, that old bed and mattress can go. If the frame is in good shape, donate it. If not, you may be able to recycle it at a local metal recycling plant. Some landfills also take wood as a recyclable material.

Unframed Posters

Posters make great decorations for a dorm room or shared college house, but feel out of place elsewhere. Consider recycling them and replacing them with new art later.


You may have printed your papers at school and therefore needed a printer, but after college, you may find it rare that you need to print anything at all. This is a good time to recycle the printer.

You’ll probably discover other things you no longer need or really want. Remember, you can always sell, donate, or recycle just about anything. In doing so, you’ll simplify your life and make room for not only replacement items, but new experiences.

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