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Lubabah Memon | March 21, 2016 @ 4:25 PM

Although Westminster is full of spacious neighborhoods with friendly neighbors, it’s not the best place to keep your RV or boat out on the street in front of your home.  Homeowner associations and restrictive city codes are making it harder for RV owners to keep their vehicles outside their homes, and it’s making something as exciting as having an RV a very painful experience.  In order to avoid this mess, and for a number of other reasons, we recommend keeping your RV at a storage facility.  You may not want to part with your precious vehicle, but it’s better to keep it in storage where it’s safe than to have to pay a hefty ticket for keeping it nearby.

RV Parks and Storage

Westminster has some great RV parks in the city and in its immediate vicinity.  If you’re looking for a quiet getaway in the middle of the city (sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s possible), check out Orangeland RV Park.  It’s in the heart of Orange County, so you won’t have to go too far, and you can have the peace of an RV park without having to be far from nearby attractions.  The park is walking distance to the Honda Center, Angel Stadium, movie theaters, amazing places to eat, and has a shuttle to Disneyland.  In the park itself, there are some great activities available like orange picking, a pool, and a spa.  Because this park is in the middle of the city, it’ll be much more convenient for you to store your RV in a storage facility near the park rather than driving it through the city every time you want to take a break from life.  Westminster is a congested area as it is, so you and everyone around you will be much happier if you don’t add to the traffic by driving your RV around every month to get it to a park. RV Storage Depot is a great place to store your RV—it specializes in RV storage and is just a mile away from Orangeland RV Park.

How the Beach can Affect your RV

Another gorgeous RV park that you can go to is the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina.  This park is a beachfront property with a water park, a playground on the beach, and sail boat, pedal boat, or electric boat rentals.  It’s a great place for people interested in watersports, or just having fun at the beach.  If this is your new favorite place to go, start storing your RV and boat at Beach Cities RV Storage.  The facility is 5.2 miles away from the park, which seems like a trek, but it’s actually for a good reason.  Storing your RV close to the beach can get a little risky because the high salt content in the ocean air makes metal more susceptible to getting rusty.  You bought a fancy RV and are paying to store it—the last thing you want is for your RV to be damaged because you weren’t careful about your location.

Storage for Seasonal Items

RVs and boats are seasonal items.  They might not be very seasonal in Westminster because of the amazing weather, but it still gets pretty cold so you might not want to be out at sea in the middle of January.  The great part about using your RV during the summer is that you won’t be competing with the tons of college students in the area for storage units.  Also, you can opt for month-to-month leases so that you’re only paying for storage during the winter when you’re actually using it.  Whether you’re planning to store your RV for one month or the whole year, storage facilities in the area have got you covered.

Access and Security

In Orange County, it’s very common for people to go out for a boat ride late at night.  It’s a great way to relax after a long day of work and sitting in traffic, so we don’t blame them.  If this sounds like something you’d like to do without having to worry about getting to your storage unit before it closes, look into renting a unit that allows for 24-hour access.  You’ll never have to worry about a time limit and can easily plan around high traffic times to your unit.

Security is also a big concern when you’re storing something of so much value.  Look for facilities that offer surveillance cameras, gated grounds, on site managers, units with individual alarms, and security officers that regularly patrol the facility.  You may not be able to find all of these measures in one facility, but it’s definitely possible.

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