San Antonio, TX: Top Things to Know About Storage

Krista Diamond | March 9, 2016 @ 10:47 AM

San Antonio Storage Lets You Rock Like Austin

So you’ve heard about this little place called Austin. It’s where musicians, both talented and deluded, mingle with girls who have tattoos. Yes, it’s home to incredible music festivals, venues and a steady stream of dreamers who just might be the next big thing. But guess what? San Antonio is a great music destination too. And if you’re a Texas musician, self storage can play a surprising role in your journey to stardom. The Bandera location of Lockaway Storage is currently building an entire section of their facility that will allow bands to practice in storage units. As a bonus, these unique tenants can leave their instruments and other equipment in the unit when they’re not practicing, that way they’re not constantly hauling it back and forth or having it take up valuable space in an apartment. The facility will even feature a lounge where musicians can relax in between sets and meet like-minded local talent. A storage facility isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think about locations for scouting out a new bassist, but it just might be the best one. Keep in mind that plenty of other facilities across town allow storage units to be rented for this purpose, but Lockaway’s Bandera location will be the first to really cater to musicians. Think of it as that cool garage you’ve always dreamed of starting your band in, only for rent rather than at your parents’ house.

Storage You Can Afford

Hooray! San Antonio is cheap to live in. That means that you can actually afford a storage unit. This is one of the often overlooked reasons why people who don’t have storage don’t even bother seeking it out. In San Antonio, the average cost of a one bedroom apartment is $875 a month and the unemployment rate is low (and getting lower). Storage unit prices are low too. It’s not uncommon to find one for under $50 a month. One word of caution though: San Antonio is the fastest growing city out of the 10 biggest cities in the country, and as the prices in Austin keep going up (it currently takes an estimated 111 hours of work a week to afford a two bedroom apartment in the capital), it won’t be long before the rest of Texas starts two-stepping down to San Antonio. If you’re planning on sticking around for a while, we recommend locking in a low rate on a storage unit just like you would your apartment.

Remember the Alamo (And the Lack of Storage Space Near It)

San Antonio is home to more than a million people, but it somehow feels like a small town. Maybe it’s because of the low population density which leaves acres for everybody, or maybe it’s because in San Antonio you can always find someone friendly who wants to share some of the city’s famed margaritas with you. Margaritas are great, but we’re going to go with the former. This means that the 218 storage facilities in San Antonio are pretty spread out. That’s great news if you like to move around a lot or your commute to and from work takes you all over town. When searching for a facility, you can plan on finding one in just about any part of San Antonio with one glaring exception: Downtown. The area the gives the Alamo City its name is famous for the River Walk and of course The Alamo itself. It’s beautiful and historical and as you might imagine, history buffs aren’t so big on allowing business development. Factor in the traffic, lack of parking and narrow streets and we’re not sure you’d even want to find storage Downtown anyway. If you’re not sure where to rent a unit and you’re searching for space Downtown because you assume it’s centrally located (it’s not), opt for storage near where you live instead. Companies with multiple facilities in town will happily help you transfer to another one of their properties if you ever decide to move.

The Humidity Factor

In dry, mild cities, if someone is trying to sell you on an upgrade to climate controlled storage, you might be getting ripped off. This is not the case in San Antonio, where the only thing more powerful than the heat is the humidity. Temperatures vary from 40 degrees (not super common) to 100 degrees (unfortunately a little more common). There’s no dry season, but there is humidity all year round which means that the air can often feel thick and damp. If just the thought of this makes you want to crank up the AC, think about how the stuff in your storage unit feels. Letting valuables sit in a hot storage unit when there’s moisture in the air is a recipe for disaster if you’re storing antiques, art or anything temperature sensitive. One of the most vulnerable items is your photo collection. Leave your photos in a storage unit in San Antonio that’s not climate controlled and you can expect them to transform from precious memories into one big melted together mess.

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