Top 10 Most Ridiculous Storage Stock Photos

Sara Heins | August 2, 2013 @ 12:45 PM

Ranked from "Completely Unrealistic" to "That Could Actually Happen"

Stock photos have a pretty bad reputation for being fake, awkward and just downright horrible.  Whether it's businessmen and women becoming synergetic or a perky, Lannister-looking family of five looking way too loving and perfectly coiffed, we just don't buy it. Here at StorageFront, we come across dozens of weird and unrealistic stock photos every day on facilities' websites. Well guess what – they're not fooling anyone. No one's makeup stays on after a long, hard move and you certainly aren't smiling through the end of it! Let's walk through the worst of the worst, shall we?

The Packing Trifecta: Pregnancy, Alcohol and Heavy Lifting

First you have her lifting heavy boxes in her third trimester, now she's polishing off that bottle of champagne. Okay, so maybe it looks like orange juice, but how do we know it's not a mimosa? I'm suspicious, and I'm judging you, stock photographer.

Self-ie Storage

Why are you taking a selfie mid-move? Hopefully it's a Snapchat so that worthless picture is forever gone in the next 10 seconds or less. This is one disappearing photo you won't have to worry about any recipients taking a screenshot of.

Storage Creeper

Is this the set of a horror film or a stock photo shoot? If I saw this in real life, I'd scale that storage facility's perimeter fencing without hesitation.

Cat in the Box

Yes, cats DO love boxes, but you would never want them present during your move. They simply would not make great helpers when it comes to moving. They're lazy, temperamental and lack opposable thumbs. Ask them to volunteer, and they'll just end up mooching off the beer and pizza you've provided to the poor souls you asked to help ease the transition into your new apartment. Best to not invite these little guys to the relocation party.

Storage Inception

Now, I didn't major in art history, but here's my interpretation: people are packing up their house, with a box inside of it, with a house inside of it. Packception. It's deep. Or something.

Faces Not Showing Enough Strain

Everyone knows it's best to put the heavier things in smaller boxes, and lighter, bulkier things in the larger ones. So why is this couple smiling? Their faces should be strained as they move their collection of college textbooks they'll never open again from their old house to the new.

Storage Level: Novice

This is obviously his first rodeo. That mid-sized SUV could barely hold enough stuff to fit in half of a 5x5. He's most likely on his third trip now. Try a rental truck next time, bro.

Couple Looking Way Too Happy Despite Having to Throw Away Their Favorite Respective Personal Items

"We couldn't be happier moving in together. Packing is fine, as long as we have each other." What the picture doesn't explain was their fight five minutes earlier over whether or not his Magic the Gathering card collection was going to survive the move (it didn't).

Empty Box Excitement

What's in that box that has this family working together for the common good? Narnia? Nope, it's just empty. Now onto unpacking the next 40. Maybe they should divide and conquer the rest?

Studio Apartment Sad Face

Yep – this one nailed it.  Whether he's moving into that apartment or only has a few boxes left before he's completed the job, he is most certainly worn out and full of despair. Packing doesn't have to be as miserable as Lonely-Guy-Sitting-On-Floor makes it seem, though. Although moving is a necessary evil, you can take several precautions to make it a little easier. By following a few simple tips and tricks, you can make the whole moving process go a whole lot more smoothly. When you use, you can browse through our storage tips, filter your results by facilities that offer rental trucks or check out our Hire a Helper page.

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