The Self Storage Industry is Turning Green!

Mia Iverson | September 13, 2010 @ 11:57 AM

In a recent blog post on Green Building Pro, Art Decker highlights 10 key ways to go green when storing your goods. Here are my favorite top five picks from his list: 1. Use resourceful and alternative methods to cardboard when storing your items 2. Downsize the “stuff” in your home by storing things not currently in use 3. Give new use to an old piece by recycling items. For example Decker suggests that old clothes can be turned into scraps for quilt making. What creative idea can you come up with? 4. Contribute to the green movement and store items at an energy-efficient storage unit 5. Pick a storage facility that has used eco-friendly building materials Read the full article here. Along with Decker’s Top 10, he offers helpful notes and insight on why and how going green in the storage industry is the best thing you could do right now to go against the American stigma of consumerism. 7J4ECWGTAK65

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