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The Most Beloved Self Storage Locks, According to Reviewers

Jon Fesmire | September 22, 2021 @ 8:11 AM

We’ve previously covered various types of locks people use for self storage. We talked about what you should and shouldn’t use based on strength and ease of use.

Now, we’re saying not to take our word for it, or at least, to not take our word alone. Lock experts have weighed in on what works best. Let’s discuss their reviews and share some links to their sites, so you can truly make the best decision when it comes to getting a lock to protect your stuff in storage.

Lock Types

There are four main lock types. It will help to know about them before you do your research.

  • Padlocks: These are hanging locks used to keep doors secure, and they’re typically operated by a key or combination.

  • Combination Locks: These are like standard padlocks except that you open them by dialing in a combination rather than with a key, and they’re also too weak for self storage.

  • Disc Locks: These locks are made of stronger metals and have a thick locking bar. Also, they’re often designed so that it’s difficult to get bolt cutters around the bar in the first place.

  • Cylinder Locks: These small, tube-shaped locks fit into the locking plate on roll-up doors. Think of it as a circular mechanism inserted in a latch that keeps your door secure, and it’s typically operated by a key.

The Reviews

Now that you know the different types of locks, it’s time to see some options.

Keep in mind that storage properties sell locks in the front office, even if they don’t sell anything else. They’ll have quality disc and cylinder locks, but if you want to purchase one elsewhere, you can.

So, we’ve compiled a few well-reviewed locks to suit your needs. We found three sites covering the advantages of various locks. We’ll share those as well as the types they like best. Prices will range from affordable to eye-popping, but we encourage you to check out their reviews to see what will be ideal for the situation.

The people over at United Locksmith chose the Ingersoll 10 as their top choice. The lock is currently selling for $295.00 on Amazon, but in their review, they said “If you can fit this on your storage unit, you are closer to making yourself a fortress.”

The lock is nearly impossible to pick, has a thick body, and the shackle itself is both thick and shrouded. No one is getting bolt cutters around it.

In fact, this thing looks more like a hunk of metal than a lock.

The team over at Anti Theft Boss favored the Abus Granit 37/60 Padlock. Yes, we said that standard padlocks aren’t good for storage. Despite its name, this model fits in the disc-lock family.

It retails for $105.00, so you’ll save a lot over the Ingersol 10 if you decide to go with this one. If someone does manage to get a bolt cutter on this, it requires two cuts to break, and it’s nearly impossible to pick as well.

It’s also drill proof and comes with a card you must show locksmiths, or they won’t duplicate the key.

The website Locksmith Nerd was also a fan of Abus. Another model, the Abus 37/8, was the No.1 choice for self storage lock for the website.

This model has a tensile strength of 25,000 pounds, is resistant against drilling, and has a bottom made of hardened steel. The Abus 37/8 retails for $120.00.

While these were the favorites of the three sites we mentioned, each site covers additional high-quality locks from companies like Medeco, Asus, Stanley Hardware, Master Lock, and more. You’re bound to find an excellent lock in your price range, whether you just rented a unit or you’ve had one for a while and simply want a stronger lock than you have.

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