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Six Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

Jon Fesmire | September 11, 2018 @ 8:00 AM

Don’t know what to get a friend as a housewarming gift? If you’re good friends, you know what they like, but not what they have, and that can make choosing a gift tough.

Here are some ideas you may not have considered, things they might not know even exist, but that would surprise them, delight them, and improve their lives in some way.

Books on Local Interest

If your friend is a history buff or just likes to know a little something about the places they live, a book on local history will make for a nice housewarming gift. This may also encourage your friend to get out and visit various local historical sites that will help them get to know their new city better.

Is your friend moving to Philadelphia, New Orleans, or somewhere else known for its local food? If so, a book of local recipes can allow your friend to create local food at home.


Perhaps your friend is more of a technology buff, in which case, you could get them a useful gadget that will make life easier at home. Here are some great technology-related housewarming gifts:

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell: You can help your friend feel a little more secure at home with a doorbell that is also a camera. Using the related app, your friend can see who is at the door, even when not at home.

Firebox Coffee Machine: Yes, most standard coffee makers are perfectly adequate, but if your friend loves tech and coffee, they may enjoy the control they can get when connecting to their coffee machine with their smartphone or tablet.

WeMo Switch Smart Plug: Turn on any appliance or light in your home, from anywhere in your home—or even from anywhere in the world—via your smartphone with this switch.

Digital Picture Frames: Your friend can load their favorite family photos or art into a digital picture frame and let the images change every few minutes to every few hours. Digital picture frames are available in a variety of sizes.

Something for the Yard

Does your friend live somewhere with a yard, where they can plant a tree? Consider this Tree to Be Kit. It’s a great feeling watching a tree you planted grow in your own yard, and it helps give an increasing sense of home over the years.

We hope that you find one of these gifts appropriate for your loved one who is moving to a new place, or that they inspire you to think of other great housewarming gift ideas.

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