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Six Reasons You Should Choose a Storage Facility With On-Site Management

Krista Diamond | April 11, 2019 @ 9:03 AM

An increasing number of jobs allow employees to work from home, but in the self storage industry the concept is nothing new. On-site managers have always been a part of the self storage business. If you drive around your town, you’ll likely see more than a few storage facilities that advertise on-site management.

Here’s how it works: the self storage company hires a manager (this is sometimes a married couple) and provides them with an on-site home or apartment that is typically included with the job. Usually, the home is right next to the storage facility, but in some cases it may be a short distance away. The on-site manager or managers work regular hours but are also expected to be on-call if an urgent need arises.

Like any work from home job, the life of an on-site manager comes with some pretty sweet perks (hello, short commute!). It also benefits the self storage customer. Here’s how:

Someone is Always On-Call to Handle Emergencies

If there’s a burglary, a fire, a flood or even a bunch of turkeys running around (seriously, it happens), an on-site manager will be there to take care of it. When disaster strikes, having someone on the scene can limit damage or prevent it altogether.

Your Stuff is Safer, and So Are You

Maybe it’s all the horror movies the feature self storage, but there’s something spooky about being at a storage facility when no one else is around. Fortunately, when you rent a unit at a facility with on-site management, there’s always someone watching over you—but not in the creepy Hannibal Lecter way.

You’re More Likely to Deal With Long-Term Employees

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant where all of the servers were new hires who didn’t know the menu, let alone the way to the kitchen? Dealing with a business with high employee turnover can be taxing for the customer and can result in mistakes with billing, subpar customer service and incorrect information. The role of an on-site manager typically attracts individuals or couples who are interested in building a home and sticking around, making for a better customer experience.

On-Site Managers Care About the Property Because It’s Their Home

On-site managers are more likely to be invested in the curb appeal and overall quality of the storage facility because it’s not just their place of employment; it’s where they live. This benefits you because it results in a cleaner, nicer looking storage facility where routine maintenance is actually performed routinely.

You Can Expect a High Level of Expertise About the Storage Facility

On-site managers literally live and breathe self storage. As a result of living and working on-site, they have a higher level of expertise about the property itself. They know which units are easiest to get to if you’re driving a moving truck or RV, which part of the property is the quietest, the best lit and the nitty-gritty details that can meet your unique needs.

Considering renting a storage unit with an on-site manager? You can filter your search to find the perfect one in your area. Be aware when renting a storage unit at a facility with on-site management that managers may not respond to after-hours calls that aren’t true emergencies (i.e. dropping off a payment, needing a replacement key). If you remember to be respectful and follow facility rules, you’ll have a great self storage experience.

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