Self Storage Salmon for Sale?

Nadine Long | September 26, 2011 @ 10:39 AM

What if your self storage company provided you benefits beyond a place to stash your valuables? Check out what this Palm Beach storage company is doing to make the most of their space. Store Self Storage and Wine Storage in Palm Beach, Florida, hosts a weekly green market at their facility. According to this story at the Palm Beach Post, you can visit their market each Saturday in the summer for anything from lobster and balsamic vinegar to soy candles and purses. This nontraditional setting for a market is working for them: shopper and vendor numbers have increased through the summer. The market is home to yummy samples and freshly made food, too, including seafood paella and croissants. Shoppers are given reusable bags with the storage facility's info printed on them when they arrive. A lot of self storage providers have customer appreciation events, but how great would it be to head down to load boxes into your storage unit and grab some fresh lunch while you're there? Unfortunately Store Self Storage's green market will cease this month, as the city's larger green market resumes in October and they don't want to compete. Still, this story makes me wonder why more self storage facilities don't use their open areas as venues for fun events like this. A few suggestions: self storage carnival, self storage barbecue competition, self storage ultimate Frisbee. What kind of events would you like to see hosted at your self storage facility?

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